Help others to achieve their own success into the package network documentary

Help others to achieve their own success into the package network documentary

in the packet network ( was founded in May 2009, started in the packet network have only one purpose, because the body is in China bags Baigou, foreign businessmen to help the little mouse on the network can purchase, bid farewell to the tired of suffering; into the bag net work is very simple, is to put the camera bag bags factory to the site, customers around the orders after the delivery. One is such a simple operation and service by customers of an unprecedented welcome, in the packet network was only 20 thousand yuan investment began operation, the year sales reached 500 thousand yuan, in 2010 sales of more than 200 yuan, 2011 sales exceeded ten million yuan, and now into the bag net monthly sales amount in four million yuan, so. Packet network is how to achieve such a rapid growth of


in the packet network CEO bridge Huang told reporters, in the packet network in the early days because few people know only the number of single day orders only, because it was just put the bag photos uploaded to the Internet only, until 2009 October at the request of a customer in the packet network to carry out the shop agent for retail website is a a delivery service in the packet network from the business volume and scale have started rapid development. In the packet network team from simple to provide express delivery service continuous innovation, the establishment of a separate "consignment service commissioner" post, special questions, provide the shop decoration knowledge and provide material assistance, and for the development of the welfare agency, into the packet networks can be achieved today achievements are mainly due to the interests of customers in the packet network in the first purpose.

packet network from simple trade model, now developed into a set of brand design in one, the company’s Sherman, Mei and other independent brands specializing in the production of bags under the 21 scale factory, the brand bags have been a number of well-known domestic B2C and offline store sales, we see, Amazon, Jingdong QQ and Tmall have Sherman mall site authentic bags sale, the wholesale customers throughout the country in Southeast Asia and Japan and South Korea, the line has the layout of a number of domestic large chain stores and super sales. data cube professional edition, the Sherman brand bags has reached more than 3 times a week only in search times, also shows the popularity of brand and reputation.

It is reported that

, at present the company into the packet network number of nearly 40 people full-time, under the more than and 500 processing factory workers, other outsourcing team for school in the packet network services also has more than 10 people, into the packet network storage area of 1600 square meters, the customer service center is located in Hebei city of Baoding Province, warehousing center is located in Baigou Town Industrial Park in Hebei province. In the packet network is the network operators in the world magazine for 4 full page reports, won the 2011 Innovation Award, the founder to attend the award when there is opportunity, Tmall and VANCL old president peripateticism son and general manager of Li Bin and other industry influential man exchange of learning into the packet network; according to the responsible staff revealed that in October the company will also visit South Korea shooting photography team Han Feng model figure, already in South Korea arrange professional buyers, to keep abreast of the latest trend of Korean handbag industry.

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