Jingdong internal mail exposure a new fake who the tension

Jingdong internal mail exposure a new fake who the tension

news March 25th, Jingdong group executive vice president of the blue Ye yesterday in the internal mail to group proposed, will be involved in the false and illegal advertising third party merchants to increase control, and increase the punishment.

mail revealed that for two or more administrative penalties within a year from the partners, will be blacklisted Jingdong, and will be sentenced to a fine of $500 thousand. Jingdong will deduct the full guarantee money, repaying all the procurement of goods, within 3 years no longer cooperate with Jingdong.

at the same time, the Jingdong said, will be the state administrative organs filing penalties information published in the apparent position of illegal shops, and the illegal business for commodity search drop right, which is not allowed to attend the 618, double 11 Jingdong such as large-scale promotional activities.

Jingdong this is not accidental. On the face of it, the Jingdong to increase the control of false propaganda propaganda is in line with the 2015 implementation of the new advertising law, but in fact released a number of industry signals.


Blue ye send internal mail

shape fake image hit Ali three inch

billion state power network to understand, published in blue Ye’s internal mail, Jingdong stressed the "attitude to fake zero tolerance, and collaborative law enforcement departments to provide detailed and accurate violations of business information and evidence for its. Analysis of users, the industry’s well-known retail Yibang hardcore big coffee to the billion state power network, this initiative, Jingdong in the law enforcement departments was standing position, no fake "genuine" to shape their own image.

the retailer believes that, compared to Tmall, Taobao has been unable to get rid of the fake problem, Jingdong is tantamount to hit three inches of Alibaba. Although Ali had made efforts in fighting the process, but the problem of fake flood, and in this year’s CCTV 315 party, Ma also has issued a "Alibaba today destroyed easily, difficult to eliminate fakes." From this, we can see that it is difficult to avoid the occurrence of Ali merchant selling phenomenon. In this year’s 315 party, Taobao was named without exception.

contrast, Jingdong in the crackdown on much more aggressive. It is reported that in 2014, the Jingdong has with Beijing, Shanghai and other places of industry and commerce, public security, commerce departments jointly set up information, coordination, reporting, release and other linkage mechanism, made it clear that, for the sale of counterfeit goods seller in accordance with the contract, the Jingdong will be fined 10 times the penalty 1 million or according to the cumulative sales of all stores default gold treatment. Obviously, the seller in the Jingdong and selling platform to bear the violation cost more. So far, Jingdong’s image has been recognized by the majority of consumers.

learned billion state power network, Ali recently released its 2016 fiscal year GMV more than 3 trillion, more than WAL-MART, because the index does not reference the user to cancel the order and return factors, so it is not difficult to eliminate doubts, scalping of the digital fake contribution rate. >

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