B2B e-commerce site in the winter of a fire

B2B e-commerce site in the winter of a fire

enterprises to win high quality buyers, only in the Alibaba, such as the electronic trading platform of the membership site is not enough, an independent enterprise site represents an independent and confident corporate image. Different from the Alibaba form, and many industries have adopted the supplier directory from the directory pages form, directly linked to their home page, and most of the European buyers are accustomed to such supplier directory, suppliers are more willing to the homepage to understand the broader enterprise information, thus to set up a separate company home has become the enterprises to carry out the first step of electronic commerce. Here are the following ten strokes:

first recruit, select easy to remember, easy to identify domain name. Domain name is the name of the enterprise on the network.

in the enterprise decided to build the site, the choice of a European and American people to remember the domain name is particularly important. As far as possible the choice of enterprise products logo plus the main product of the English name, rather than the use of Chinese pinyin. This is not only not conducive to the enterprise site in the search engine rankings, and in addition to the Chinese people, no one else can understand the nature of the enterprise from the domain name. For example, "the revival of Jiangsu plastic machinery factory, the enterprise usually buy the domain name like www.jsfx.com, in fact the best domain name can be http://s.fuxin-plastic.com/ or http://s.fuxincorp.com/,

so that buyers can learn from the domain name of the plant called Fuxin, the production of plastic products and related industries.

second strokes, home open time limit control in less than 10 seconds. Statistics show that if the site has not been opened in 20 seconds, the vast majority of visitors will choose to give up. The best way to solve this problem is to try to control the size of the home page file, when a business to foreign trade oriented, it is necessary to consider the server as far as possible outside. Here to recommend a YxB2B easy to think business network, 90% pages using pure static, greatly improving the user access speed

third, the website can normal open in all common browsers, normal use. When you know the statistics in April 2008, the Firefox market in Europe the average market share of nearly 40%, so I think there is no one enterprises in the acceptance of their website, the website should be ignored in the Firefox browser in the comprehensive test again.

fourth strokes, text precise, clear picture. When the site was successfully opened after the visitor’s attention is not a Flash qualification certificate of enterprise, how much Dazzle is complete, but the content of the website text is smooth, the English can be read in English speaking countries, the product images can reflect whether the best of products. When the enterprise through the web site to introduce their own products and visitors, the site of the text content represents the overall quality of the sales staff. The quality of the product image, also represents the product technology and quality

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