Lanbiao formally established brand and provide electricity generation operation service

Lanbiao formally established brand and provide electricity generation operation service

Tencent Francisco September 1st, BlueFocus media group (SZ.300058) recently announced that its own funds acquired part of Beijing North Albert Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Hangzhou Network Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai Kai Ying, Agel Ecommerce Ltd three industry well-known business generation operation company. The establishment of BlueFocus Agel Ecommerce Ltd, to create products, marketing strategies, including electricity generation, operation of the whole channel management service for the brand.

North Albert is e-commerce integration service provider, for the United States P& G group, Inditex group, Thailand Spain apparel group, Intel ZTE, KingPower free network to provide brand positioning, business vision, operational planning, data services, customer service and membership management overall hosting service.

Hangzhou science and technology network business customers include good children, Lafuma, Gant, Goldlion, Nippon, Ray-Ban, October mummy. Shanghai Kai Agel Ecommerce Ltd, one-stop e-commerce solutions, providing food, tourism and leisure in pregnancy, especially in the area of focus.

in 2014, the three companies are expected to complete more than 2 billion 200 million yuan product sales.

(Shanghai) Co. BlueFocus e-commerce company CEO said the electricity supplier lanbiao plexus Yuanhua, and its partners will rely on the advantages of BlueFocus in public relations, advertising, digital marketing and other business areas, to create innovative service models, including electricity supplier strategy, product, marketing and operation full channel operating service for the brand; at the same time, the use of big data cloud computing, to build a business operation for the brand support platform, comprehensive, enterprises in the CRM, EPR and other levels of demand. Particularly important is that the label supplier will provide one-stop service for cross-border electricity supplier – to help international brands to complete remodeling in Chinese e-commerce market; to help domestic enterprises to find high value chain in the global economy.

BlueFocus Media Group Chairman and CEO Zhao Wenquan said that the new group’s strategy is "to help customers achieve business success of the mission, with end-to-end integrated marketing based on business intelligence as the core, the mobile Internet precision marketing and e-commerce solutions of two Yi Qifei, the bottom is big data platform (DMP), blue label the electricity supplier for the whole world and China brands to provide solutions throughout the enterprise product design, pattern design to the whole cycle electric generation operation, and cut into sales and customers share the benefits, truly responsible for the result and grow together with customers.

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