Facebook and Twitter’s social electricity supplier indicates what

Facebook and Twitter’s social electricity supplier indicates what

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at the beginning of August this year, Facebook tested the network trading platform with complete functions in Australia, which is equivalent to the internal social networking site set up a Taobao. June, another major social platform Twitter also launched a mobile client called collection feature, attracting 41 retailers.

in the other side, led by the Tencent of social power was considered to be the future direction of development of electronic commerce, but after a period of frenzied development, domestic social power was troubled and disoriented. Facebook and Twitter in the practice of social electricity supplier may bring some new inspiration for the domestic social electricity supplier.

social circle of friends and business electricity supplier, choose B2C or C2C is a question worth considering

Facebook in the network trading platform Australia test, allows users to see a number of brand goods, goods covers a wide range of daily necessities and 3C products, each product provides detailed product information. A spokesman for the Facebook said that the future positioning of the trading platform is mainly for small and medium retailers and commodity brands.

Twitter also uses a similar electricity supplier model, to the retailer launched a dedicated page, used to list the retail products, and the introduction of specific products, Twitter users can buy directly.

from the Facebook and Twitter mode can be seen in the two major social networking sites to join the business functions are invariably chose the B2C model, which allows retailers shop opened directly on their website, when the user wants to buy a product can be in the shop on a single purchase. In contrast, the domestic electricity supplier is mostly used in the transaction between acquaintances C2C model, that is, the way individuals sell things directly to individuals. At the time of the fire, open the circle of friends, full screen is selling a variety of products. But this model does not bring long-term prosperity of social electricity supplier, after a period of hot, quickly become quiet.

in the past Chinese, for most people, generations will work in the same land, rarely go elsewhere to flow, thus forming a society of acquaintances, in such a society, cheating others is difficult to gain a foothold, and even his relatives will be greatly affected. In the face of such a high cost of deception, the acquaintance of the society between people rarely produce deceptive behavior.

but with the increasing mobility of the population, people in other places to leave the hometown of work and life, all around are strange, very few people can get along for a long time, open the circle of friends, many of whom we are not very understand, even a lot of is one side of the edge, this also means that the cost of being cheated reduce. If there is no reasonable credit system as a guarantee, the circle of friends is easy to cooked business model, from.

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