Tencent’s fast and easy network while spoiler electricity supplier comparison system for secret beta

Tencent’s fast and easy network while spoiler electricity supplier comparison system for secret beta

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, the total effective to fisherman. The reporter learned yesterday, the Tencent’s B2C website easy fast network exchange system has quietly begun beta. Yi Xun network, said the system is currently operating in the background, but the future is likely to show to the product page, consumers can see the same price of other electronic business platform when shopping. This means that it is likely to become the first open parity system B2C website.

industry believes that Jingdong in the mall, a scouring network for parity data authenticity was announced this plan with, probably no coincidence. It also officially launched yesterday in the easy fast mobile phone client, this is perhaps the Tencent.com acceleration signal and even force electricity providers in the field of the spoiler.

yesterday, Yi Xun network announced that the first half of the year, the secret development of the station automation system and in the "parity, 8· beta 15" period. Previously, the reporter browsing easy fast page when he found that a portion of the goods will be marked in Jingdong and suning.com in the mall fast and easy price on the price. According to informed sources, the price data that comes from its secret online parity system.

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shield Amoy network mall, easy fast network will also continue with the Jingdong’s price, fast and easy network relevant responsible person said, the price system will store price index for 100 Jingdong, Jingdong than mall high commodity prices, the price index is higher than 100, and less than 100. Yi Xun network previously released commodity index report shows that its price index in 5 categories of digital, mobile phones, notebooks, large appliances and small appliances are less than 100.

as the first attempt to open the parity of the B2C system, its significance is self-evident. Currently, the electricity supplier parity market by a scouring network control. But in the industry view, a scouring network is still facing a major problem that is affiliated with Alibaba’s, and Tmall, Taobao is a brother brand, its fairness to the data has been questioned. This is also the main reason for a scouring network, Jingdong mall big fight data war.

although easy and fast network is Tencent’s B2C electronic business platform, which released parity system also faces both when athletes and referees, the question. But easy and fast network that the fast and easy network parity tools only in the station operations. At present, the main operating data for the internal use of the Department, even after the display in the page, but also for easy fast network users to provide reference, there is no ‘easy fast’ program."

with fast and easy network released a series of online price system, mobile phone client on-line information seems to herald a force in the field of electronic business Tencent will not force. The industry believes that the future, as the Tencent has a large customer resources of the brand, the force electricity providers in the field may not be as simple as a spoiler.

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