Jingdong 10 billion acquisition of shop No. 1 WAL-MART intends to line resources

Jingdong 10 billion acquisition of shop No. 1 WAL-MART intends to line resources

each reporter Zhang Si Wang Minjie

early in the morning of June 21st, the Jingdong group released internal letter, announced that it had reached the depth of strategic cooperation with WAL-MART, as part of the agreement, WAL-MART will acquire new Jingdong issued 145 million shares of class a common stock, about 5% of the number of total issued share capital of Jingdong, WAL-MART’s 1 stores including brand, website, APP and all other assets Jingdong incorporated.

According to the current market value of Jingdong

($29 billion 850 million × 5%=14.9 billion), the Jingdong to offer 1 store only spent 1 billion 490 million dollars (about 9 billion 800 million yuan), only the equivalent of the rumors of 40 billion yuan acquisition price of 1/4.

this, the Internet veteran Wang Liyang on the daily economic news reporter, said the market value of $486 million Dangdang, shop No. 1 market influence is getting smaller and smaller, only the equivalent of the former. So, Jingdong 10 billion yuan acquisition of shop No. 1, it is the value of WAL-MART behind the added value". Jingdong need to line entities, but also need to seek a breakthrough in the 3C home appliances category.



force O2O Jingdong is committed to investors after the listing.

in terms of development and short-term profitability, investors are more focused on the development of speed. Jingdong has been able to be listed on the Nasdaq, largely regarded as China’s amazon".

Jingdong from the beginning of the listing, it will focus into the home Jingdong O2O business, the O2O business was by the Jingdong CEO group led by Liu Qiangdong, the group’s business operations in the Jingdong large territory status.

Jingdong’s O2O business will be mainly concentrated in the super, rather than the traditional start of electronic products." On the day of listing, Liu Qiangdong said, the Jingdong O2O business will focus on low-cost, daily necessaries cabbage fresh chives. Jingdong model, the goods shipped to the warehouse, the final delivery to the buyer, the margin is far from covering the logistics costs.

in fact, after the listing of the Jingdong, has the layout of the auto parts, medicine and three line city O2O market. Then the Jingdong 4 billion 300 million yuan investment in the Yonghui supermarket, thousands of yuan investment strategy orchard every day. The industry believes that, from the current situation, domestic FMCG, fresh two categories, self + platform, Jingdong are actively seeking for the integration, supply chain, Jingdong, Jingdong built home supermarket is complementary in O2O and B2C channels to build on.

so, why Jingdong suddenly huataijiaqian with WAL-MART and one store cooperation? Wang Liyang believes that Tencent to support the Jingdong in Internet traffic has reached a bottleneck, the development of the electricity supplier is to think of a way to fall, the relative lack of resources under the line to Jingdong, Jingdong need to have more line partners. Before choosing Yonghui now choose WAL-MART is the same.

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