also opened Hongkong sea Amoy mail service also opened Hongkong sea Amoy mail service


] November 12th news billion state power network, the day before, also played on the sea Amoy, dual 11 day above the line Suning flagship store in Hongkong, the main digital camera, computer and peripherals, life appliances and a small household electrical appliances and other products.


learned billion state power network, all products Suning flagship store in Hongkong is opened in the territory of Hongkong Suning stores direct mail sales, and provide customer service service, and the price of all products are the final price package parcel tax.

in terms of logistics, all products are through Suning overseas logistics company directly transported to the mainland, logistics status can be real-time query, delivery time in 6 to 8 days or so.

it is reported that Suning Hongkong flagship store all the goods sold formal customs declaration, pay postal tax, therefore, the customer needs to provide the consignee identity information in the order. But because of the particularity of imported goods, does not support 7 days no reason to return, if the consumer product is found to have quality problems, damage or less a problem, which can be directly used for the return of suning.

now seems that the store is still in its early stages, fewer types of products, due to the relationship between the price of shipping and tariff, the relative traditional sea Amoy also temporarily no advantage. However, the future of for the store expansion category, the price adjustment has to be on the sidelines.

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