Business tax Sino US retail electric shock fierce battle

Business tax Sino US retail electric shock fierce battle

reporter Yang Linhua

intern reporter Yan Wentao Shanghai reported

by the chairman of Suning Zhang Jindong dished out the "business tax theory" has a ripple, not only let Suning and Taobao’s public interest conflict intensified, and a focus on traditional retail and e-commerce retail battle has started.

P is: when the East hemisphere to business tax debate with vigour and vitality, with the proposition of the Western Hemisphere is the climax. The United States as early as March 22nd, the U.S. Senate will be on the Marketplace (The fair Fairness act) to vote on the Act.

this is related to the future fate of the U.S. electricity supplier proposal in the last month to make a move.

in February 16th this year, the U.S. Senate once again filed will be considered for "fair market act", the main contents of the bill that allows states to simplify their tax regulations under the premise of the business enterprise network, local sales tax levy.

tax path is: network electricity supplier companies to collect consumer tax, and then the electricity supplier in the state of the state government to the electricity supplier business tax collection. It is worth noting that this is the first national consumer tax proposal in the history of the United States, it will require a number of electricity supplier companies, including eBay, including the local government to pay sales tax.

eBay expressed opposition: if the implementation of the bill will have a huge impact on many small businesses on the eBay shop opened, especially those with annual sales of less than $1 million of small businesses."

followed exactly what happened to china.

When the United States

and Lenovo have expressed solidarity with Zhang Jindong, hundreds of lines of the United States including best buy, WAL-MART, home depot and retail enterprises collective stand up "fair market act".

and when the Western Hemisphere gradually into the climax, China’s e-commerce tax policy tightening may also come sooner than expected.

According to

reporter obtained from the venture capital circle Chinese news: the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Finance in Beijing has been held by a secret business platform for the investment of the VC and PE members of the conference, which is not in the agenda of the meeting, to attend the investment institutions should consult the electricity supplier tax levy, but how to implement specific and how to operate on.

however, such things occur in parallel business tax over the hemisphere is not the most P, the real P is: whether the eastern hemisphere or the western hemisphere which are requested to levy business tax, China will have directly affected the interests of small and medium enterprises.

since 2007, China has a large number of small and medium enterprises on the eBay global platform to sell their goods to U.S. consumers. In other words, if the Market Equity Act

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