Channel revolution, landing SKYWORTH king — direct guide egg started the first gun fighting O2O

Channel revolution, landing SKYWORTH king — direct guide egg started the first gun fighting O2O

In October 25th

, SKYWORTH O2O direct micro platform and smart space project launch site, a super smart egg, a blue caravan, to stop onlookers. "This is a revolution, it’s a battle. For the channel sink Liberation Army arrives in the electricity supplier, try to break out in the street fighting stores economy heavily guarded." SKYWORTH group (Chinese area) direct marketing headquarters director party Yali said ms..

guide "egg" a city street, at

recently, a few pieces of technology a dome landing, instantly attracted many people to come to the onlookers. Large shopping malls in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other multi City, a large number of people in this new egg shaped device before, and into the egg visit team is lined up a long serpentine queue. Mr. Nie excitedly told reporters in Shenzhen: the egg is arranged into the future of smart home space, TV is very mysterious Unicom control other appliances. The inside of the AR game is particularly interesting! "It is reported that this is the SKYWORTH group for the SKYWORTH O2O platform launched direct micro entity museum experience, consumers can work under the guidance of the staff in the egg to the nearby SKYWORTH O2O store, enjoy the new SKYWORTH sales service platform to bring the ultimate experience and strong incentives.


SKYWORTH staff said that this guide egg really called SKYWORTH smart space, is a multifunctional special-shaped exhibition hall. This smart space to SKYWORTH as the core of smart TV, TV from Click to enter the smart home platform can realize the interconnection of other home appliances, consumers only through TV can easily view other smart appliances state. In addition to the wisdom of the convenience of the screen Unicom, massive content resources is also a major highlight of SKYWORTH wisdom space, pot play games, interactive VR experience, brilliant.

so magical wisdom can not cause a stir in the egg in several major cities, consumers have to consult the staff of the origin of eggs. The concept of complex, open channels of home appliance market, all the publicity stunt, the center of the channel will be mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. SKYWORTH is keen to discover the market pain points, put forward the "street" community chain business model. The launch of this technology dome is fired the first shot pretty for the SKYWORTH O2O model in networking battles, new era, highlighting the advantages of deep national community "elite soldier" – O2O – outlets will be formed with low cost and high yield. This new type of business outlets due to break the line under the shackles, will enable SKYWORTH to become the industry in the era of heroes amidst the winds of change.


industry situation, to a

from the department store to the chain, from the chain to the store, and then from the store to the electricity supplier, every major changes in home appliance retail channels have brought the industry reshuffle. And now, through the two-dimensional code to connect online platform and online store O2O mode is regarded as a new channel revolution, a large electricity supplier channel or become more than

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