Experience marketing millet line Lei Jun thinking to the apple line

Experience marketing millet line Lei Jun thinking to the apple line

introduction: Lei Internet thinking version in the last upgrade, the proposed "focus, extreme, reputation, fast" is the 1 version, at least increase the "experience marketing" and "integrated marketing", and improve the wet marketing support".


one, millet finally ushered in the next line sales

in May 12th, for the first time using the "millet millet home channel self offline mobile phone sales, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Zhengzhou," Rice noodles "Paiqichanglong, this situation is how once again. It turned out to be apple, this is millet. It is said that there are at least a few thousand people lined up in the country, some people early (even the night before) to queue up, as well as rice flour put up tents.

The head

millet Lei Jun also "sensational" and said: "so much to queue up for a night, Rice noodles, I was so moved that I don’t know what to say, only one sentence: Thank you!" only by this sentence, who dare say Lei low EQ


, however, there are media reporters found at the scene, even if the rice came to the scene to buy, can not get all the cash. It is understood that in Beijing, the actual hand millet Note top version of the consumer, about 300 ~ 400. Today, a total of 3000 people can be guaranteed to get online spot. Is the first attempt, not the pursuit of quantity, in order to experience." Millet President Lin Bin said.

well, millet is to feel this kind of feeling – the scene is hot, not everyone grab to improve a bit of hunger, but can not let everyone be fed.

two, offline sales experience marketing

in fact, millet President Lin Bin’s words have been a mystery, but many people did not listen carefully. He said: we will ensure that the registered users get the phone within two weeks." Online sales are mainly in order to have the opportunity to make rice to understand the home service and experience, the future will still be the main online sales.

Lin Bin also explained that millet phone capacity is accelerating. "Three years ago, millet to spend 3-6 months to gradually meet users purchase demand, but now it is controlled in 2 months."

so, do not think millet in the future will be the main line sales. In other words, millet will still be the main online sales, the line is only an auxiliary channel, and the line of millet home is mainly to experience the product.

after all, online booking can greatly reduce the waste of raw materials procurement, reduce or even eliminate the backlog of products and the backlog of funds, so the Lei will never give up has proved that the effective online booking, just to meet the needs of the.

millet before the adoption of the Internet thinking and marketing model, has been accused of hunger marketing and futures model". Although millet himself never admitted, but still caused some consumers’ frustration and dissatisfaction. What’s more, past sales make new use >

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