Basic working principle of search engine

Basic working principle of search engine

– text search engine

another is to submit the site search, namely the website owner to search engine submission web site, which in a certain period of time (2 days to months) sent a directional "spider" program to scan your website, your website and relevant information in the database for the user query. In recent years, the search engine index rules changed, submit your website URL does not guarantee can enter into the search engine database, so the best way is to get some external links, let search engines have more opportunities to find you and your website will automatically.

when the user to keyword search information, the search engine will search in the database, if found content is consistent with the requirements of the user site, then use – usually according to the matching degree page keywords algorithm special, the position / frequency, link quality — calculate the webpage relevance and ranking level then according to the correlation degree, according to the order of the web links back to the user.

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and full-text search engine directory, there are many differences.

first, the search engine belongs to the automatic web search, and the directory index is completely dependent on manual operation. After the user submits the site, the directory editor will personally visit your site, and then according to a set of self evaluation criteria or even the editor’s subjective impression, decide whether to accept your site.

secondly, the search engine included in the site, as long as the site itself does not violate the relevant rules, generally can log on successfully. The directory index requirements for the site is much higher, and sometimes even log on multiple times is not necessarily successful. In particular, like Yahoo! Super index, login is more difficult. (due to login Yahoo! The most difficult, and it is the business of network marketing a hotly contested spot, so we will introduce YAHOO login Yahoo with special skills in the back pages)

in addition, in the login search engine, we generally do not have to consider the classification of the site, and the log directory index must be placed on the site in the most appropriate directory (Directory).

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