Do not send the chain can also do a good job website promotion

Do not send the chain can also do a good job website promotion

for webmasters or web site operators, we all want the fastest to promote their own web sites to every corner of the internet. The Internet is the most commonly used methods to promote what is the site SEO optimization, and SEO optimization of the way we use the most?. Guardian remind webmaster friends, in the chain was hit today, you can send the chain?

we know the role of the chain decreased a lot, the chain with the proliferation of advertising and combat, more and more sites do not allow the hair of the chain, this time as a web site operator, how are we going to promote your website? What is today’s not to mind taking the trouble to go to the registration number, send the chain advertisement title; re registration account, then send the chain of advertising, then the


for the website optimization, website content and the chain effect can not be ignored, do website content at the same time, we really need to send the chain, but you really can send the chain site? Not allowed outside the chain how to do website promotion


one: understand the nature of the chain do website promotion.

What is the

sites we send the chain to? Believe the old webmaster all know is to expose the site better, better able to promote the site users. However, novice webmaster and the chain Commissioner more but completely misinterpreted this point, just ask any advertising, a website management would like to see their website in advertising? So in order to purify the network environment better, in order not to make their sites affected, advertising title is a normal phenomenon. The first is the nature of the chain in order to expose yourself, then we can by name, by the content of the article (brand word, core keywords) and other ways to let users know us, can be combined with appropriate QQ, telephone etc.. The use of brand promotion is a good promotion, and will not cause management antipathy.

two: website promotion is not just the hair outside the chain.

many novice webmaster and SEO workers to promote the site equivalent to the hair of the chain, in fact, this is the wrong view. As long as the user can remember us, understand us, not just the release of the chain can be. Promotion mode is very much, and most of the friends just blindly value forum, blog and other platforms, just these platform control is more strict, nature also let many webmaster do too much work. Guardian also advised the relevant workers, do not blindly send those spam ads, you have not been out of the chain.

three: if one day not to send the chain, we will promote it?

if one day not to send the chain, we also believe that this issue should be extended? No one considered? More and more webmaster friends think outside the chain is extended, so everyone is crazy to send advertising, if one day the total combat chain? What is the best way to promote? Guardian that could take one of three paths: one is to use the traditional promotion mode, such as leaflets, bus >

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