Micro-blog marketing of the four attributes to change the marketing of modern society

Micro-blog marketing of the four attributes to change the marketing of modern society

why micro-blog is favored by people? The age we live in, micro-blog has become an irreplaceable tool, because micro-blog provides a platform for us to speak, he let us talk can let all people see, we can see everything through it, let it all the roots have a chance to become a star, also a publicity marketing platform for enterprise, but micro-blog’s attribute makes our social marketing pattern of disruptive change.

[media attributes – the highest level of communication is rumor]

micro-blog’s media properties allow us to accept the rapid expansion of information every day, all over the news, entertainment gossip, the latest information and even folk rumors, we can not tell the true and false. But often the most widely spread is not necessarily true, but the highest level of marketing is that we let the rumors spread like a virus, as we have a lot of publicity, advertising content, advertising content. That is to say, each of us will become a small media, we can spread the information to others to forward, spread, and this is what micro-blog has brought us a different way of marketing.


[social attributes – the biggest value of micro-blog marketing is to build their own contacts]

we do micro-blog marketing is not in order to advertise on micro-blog, because now people in the community for advertising has been immune, micro-blog marketing the most important value lies in the establishment of contacts. In the traditional social marketing we want to know a person by at least six, but micro-blog has completely changed this pattern, we can realize that we all want to know people through effective three or less. Micro-blog has built a huge network for us, in the net the relationship provides us with more social convenience.


[pipeline attributes – micro-blog marketing will change from the structure of all people to the crowd structure]

pipeline attribute is an attribute of the most important micro-blog marketing, in the traditional marketing mode and customer products are basically in a one-to-one relationship, but in the micro-blog product is no longer one of the all pattern, but a pair of multi population pattern, so micro-blog marketing is to put the product no longer to a person, but a group of people. Through micro-blog marketing pipeline attributes, we can push the marketing to an unprecedented height.


[sub platform attributes – micro-blog marketing is to build a society on micro-blog]

we can find micro-blog marketing and traditional marketing is different, this is all based on the micro-blog platform, some sub platform or micro-blog: network application, APP and so on, and these sub platform for micro-blog to become a rich society, from the structure mode to the brand communication, communication channel from >

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