[original] site was survival after K – Series (a)

[original] site was survival after K – Series (a)

I can definitely say: as long as you do, one day you will encounter Baidu K station is not K! You can continue to do that, sooner or later encounter. Baidu K station after many webmaster choice for rice, again, or a frustrating period after feeling no recovery look up to new construction: including me too. But now I changed my thinking, so I stood for a living law:

station is Baidu K will lose 80% or more traffic, although there are such as YAHOO.GOOGLE SOSO engine. But included more can not how much IP. you are wrong if you think so, then you only change or do new meters. So all the efforts will be in vain, there is a sentence it is said that the water into the river, no stable source of traffic is worth to cherish, the more valuable than the absolute change radically Baidu! Baidu traffic is worth in the first place for the portals, is reliable. But in addition I suggest you don’t care too much about [even GJJ such well-known station may have the same treatment, and so is our website! — look Baidu, you do your search, I got my flow.

: I’m here back to the topic with practical examples of their own to say no to Baidu what flow:

A: for GOOGLE and YAHOO to optimize

I say this seems to be a lot of friends that must have very strong SEO technology, in fact, the general SEO in my opinion is only engage in short-term traffic from Baidu, I suggest you do is direct optimization of the content page, simply long tail keywords is to optimize the title "contains a complete, is also the title: Keywords]. This is very effective for Baidu, but it is also easy to fall right or be K. But GOOGLE and YAHOO won’t K you for doing so, and will think it’s an exact match.

of course: Baidu can rely on accurate matching to let you quickly went to the first page, but is not stable, but GOOGLE and YAHOO also requires you to have the chain equivalent may have a high ranking, the following second points can solve this problem:

two: content link optimization

this is also detailed, targeted SEO, may be a lot of work, but never let you flow increasing, and is in the premise of excluding Baidu: this specific implementation:

1: manually add data [do not want to edit or will only be collected can not look down], the title reference GOOGLE or YAHOO related search, so that the title of each article is a keyword.

2: save the title above with Notepad, and add an article to see if there is anything in the content that is related to the previous content

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