Fan Zhuo Austria network marketing analysis in Northwest China

Fan Zhuo Austria network marketing analysis in Northwest China

Chinese throughout the development, regardless of any time, all the new things from coastal gradually to inland for development, economy and coastal is always developed in the northwest inland, today to talk about the network marketing place, we should all know that a new thing from the entire process of dissemination is certain time delay, network marketing development level compared to the coastal northwest, so far is to stay in mature stage.


can be seen from the Baidu index, the search for the word "network marketing" of the population distribution in Xi’an, the country ranked 16, about 100 times a day search volume. During the same period in 2010, only the average daily search 70 times, that is, in this year, steady rise, which is caused by the delay of the geographical environment.

back analysis of particularity, analysis of the northwest region geography of Xi’an, one of the tourist city, is also a tourist city around this output, the characteristics of Xi’an tourism industry fast, Xi’an special geographical location, Xi’an has created various industries are relatively developed, because Xi’an is an inland port properties, creating the development of the integrated nature of various industries in Xi’an.

from the perspective of network marketing, it caters to World Horticultural Exposition recently, I from the tourism industry to analyze the network marketing Austria on behalf of the city of Xi’an in the northwest region of the factors.

first in the World Horticultural Exposition, the Internet is for many tourists and World Horticultural Exposition related news, news and other related content, some publicity channels individually to choose Xi’an local enterprises in this regard will not entrance publicity, more publicity for leading from the starting point, when it is in the propaganda object in the initial start to understand these people infusion this requires the introduction of the Internet, fine marketing, also is the integration of a variety of network marketing.

for example, the construction of World Horticultural Exposition related enterprises can introduce micro-blog, if do characteristics, is part of the crowd can bring. There are the integration of major tourism forum, the third party propaganda. You can also create your own blog.

and Baidu know there’s a lot about World Horticultural Exposition, smart companies should know as a guide, to help these people how important it is, when companies put their links up to do with some skills, and to their own website with the corresponding topic, this is very crowd flow important, not just traffic, more is to establish a brand, especially some traditional catering industry in the northwest region, the hotel service industry and so on, these enterprises can carry out a qualitative leap in the quality of publicity.

finally, once again, the network marketing industry in Northwest China has entered a mature stage, but also for the more traditional enterprises need more in the Internet marketing, publicity is not only simple to do a website, but need to pay more attention to all kinds of enterprises to their own advantage of network marketing, to speed up the self.

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