Why customers do not choose your product six core and practical solutions

Why customers do not choose your product six core and practical solutions

whether you want to sell the product or service, the customer is fundamental, all marketing and sales processes are focusing on the fundamental core to operate, then you really believe that you understand why your customers choose products? Why not choose your product? Don’t clap, feel your love most probably it did not actually happen, the love, is bound to the user, to abandon their own subjective, analysis of your user is king, then the user selects a product or service, what is the law?


1, to the products and services, so that customers feel delicate delicate, distinctive.

here is the problem of product positioning, precise positioning, precise definition of customer groups

because the range of your products and services, you can give the service must be rough, messy, and inferior. The market has been eliminated this kind of supply and marketing cooperatives sales, more and more attention to the user experience of the market, we need to do, is accurate out of their customers, analyze their needs focus sensitive points to analysis them, then carefully put focus which people do, the only way you can in a superb collection of beautiful things of competitors, make their own characteristics, make their own highlights, and then deeply attracted to your customers, until he has this demand, will think of you.

such as: bought the Royal mud square mask people, need to buy a mask, the first thought is royal mud square.


2, when the customer needs, look up, you fine and beautiful figure everywhere.

has the market products and services, customers will inevitably have a rigid demand, this time, what we need is better in front of them.

A, how? The purpose of customers looking for products and services, mainly through the search, then the keyword matching is the mainstream, the need to pay attention to is, if it is invested in Baidu, then try to set up more, convert the strong words, such as XXX? XXX, what brand is good? If the title is Taobao, then try to conform to product attributes, train to contain a lot, then monitoring layer optimization. This type of technical articles, there are a lot of online, not much syria.

B, how to better? It is necessary to look at the pictures and copy the charm, in fact, if we put this product on customer demand point, thorough research, so this is a very simple, very directional thing, a good deal, and competitors put together a look, there is a feeling that you stand head and shoulders above others, will succeed. If you do not know where to start, it is recommended from your competitors where to start the analysis, to find the two do good, good analysis of common ground, such as pictures, copywriting, keywords, etc..

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