nventory clothing for three years to be able to sell electricity supplier three weapon difficult es

nventory clothing for three years to be able to sell electricity supplier three weapon difficult es

high inventory for nearly one or two years the most headache to the apparel industry.

from last year to this year, due to inventory problem IPO is not fashion companies such as fashion, too many to count, Ludwig Nash fairyfair, Shulang fashion, clothing and other sea orchid house. Analysts of Magang shoes "First Financial Daily" said: "if the current national inventory of clothing sold out, but do not sell after three years."

clothing companies continue to try to discount, electricity providers, direct sales, as well as ways to buy back inventory. However, these methods are still difficult to really solve the inventory problem.

weapon one: Crazy discount

discount is a traditional way to promote the sale of clothing enterprises to stock.

Official Metersbonwe headquarters warehouse

Cambridge Road in Shanghai city told reporters that every year they held several sale to sell inventory. CICC research report statistics that Smith Barney more than and 300 existing discount special discount to clear inventory. In the current intense competition, many brands will be listed on the new products will be discounted. A researcher in the apparel industry after the investigation of listed companies, told reporters that some of the new brand will hit a new listing of 15% off or 12% off, inventory is playing 3~5 fold.

Lining, chief executive officer and President of

, has publicly said that in 2012, retail discount rate will reach 24%~25%, factory stores and discount stores discount rate of 50%~53%.

however, the discount over the enthusiasm of the agents will cause contusion. A second tier cities casual wear agent Mr. Du told reporters that the removal of artificial, shop rent, profit space has been very limited, as long as the brand’s stores a discount, they can hardly earn money.

for cultivating brand clothing enterprises, some high-end positioning, the discount is only for a promotional way poop. Septwolves Shanghai area a sales person said to reporters: "spend several billion celebrity endorsements, advertising, if the discount spread, brand image in the end is not worth a hair?"

weapon two: electricity supplier

another way to inventory, is to allow enterprises to love and hate electricity supplier channels.

no bottom line price war sometimes had to allow enterprises to close to zero profit to quickly push the goods, become a kind of "tails to survive" forced to move. To Anta this year a new case of casual shoes, sold 239 yuan in the store, while Tmall mall, group purchase price was 155 yuan, equivalent to a discount.


annual report, will focus on the development of electronic commerce, has passed the independent third party agency, taobao.com sales in apparel products. Lining, Anta and PEAK have also mentioned in the annual report, to continue to strengthen the construction of e-commerce channels, in order to adapt to the current consumer demand, to cope with the situation of high inventory.

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