WeChat is the king of marketing Please think about the next conclusion

WeChat is the king of marketing Please think about the next conclusion

The popular WeChat

has no need to go to the author said that from now on all of the marketing company unified on-line WeChat marketing this business, you know this is hot, but the heat to heat, if can bring real effect also just. But from the current situation, WeChat is also difficult to call the king of marketing. One of your friends in order to promote their products, it took 5 digit call in a large WeChat to push to do publicity, but the effect is not to say bleak, far from its target, in addition to their own public account brought some readers, the other with very few, not as in the micro-blog and large cooperation, the conversion rate is higher. Maybe my friend is the case, but also exposed the weakness of WeChat marketing behind the magnificent lei.

WeChat’s own reading crowd has not really finalized. To do marketing is exposure to the information is 100% arrived message to push past, reading people do not look, do not click on, all marketing is a small advertising street, just to make up the number. WeChat open platform now, indeed spawned many large, from the data given by the official has about 4000000 large, but compared to the content side of the hot side, user acceptance is relatively slow.

from the current point of view, WeChat really rely on it to get the resource information of the user is not much, you will still be out of WeChat to search for information, because limited to push their large number, the information content is not much, want to do a bit more only with the aid of the third party website, but we need to know more than a link a jump, instead of waiting, rather than directly to the content source fixed access to content, I went to one, the bean, I want is love photography, delicacy is late at night to eat chat and so on, these independent APP in content segmentation of WeChat’s cohesion. The so-called large influence actually cannot be judged from the number of fans, should consider to.

Interaction between

and fans did not take advantage of. Opinion leaders want more than just sending information, some time between each other is the punchline reply or comment, although WeChat can realize point-to-point communication, but compared with micro-blog, WeChat’s popularity is not really driven up, which depends not only on the so-called transparency, more relevant and interactive mechanism.

Reading the crowd simply can not comment on

WeChat, which makes readers have a lack of discussion atmosphere, to know readers shop is two times the size of marketing, itself is a reasonable guide to greatly promote the marketing. Secondly, WeChat itself point-to-point communication is a double-edged sword, imagine all sorts of information everywhere, will let users open mobile phone screen began to become confused, do not know what a good, and thus missed some of the information you want to push the WeChat platform. But once missed, and accumulated to a certain degree, then the value of the information itself There is not much left. Click delete, I think a lot of people in the face of a number of push information did not look at the conventional behavior. So WeChat is not large and the realization of the fans that

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