Network marketing how to get out of the search engine barriers

Network marketing how to get out of the search engine barriers

now, the search engine market is a big Baidu, but with the loss of Baidu on the site, the site has turned to other search platforms as well as the rise of major search engines. The future of the search market will change, perhaps a situation of tripartite confrontation or search diversification. Ask: business owners and webmasters, the huge resources and manpower and financial resources into a search platform for up to that time, will a little touched the north? Will think I should hold the thigh which search platform now! Into the dilemma when in search engine.

early, I have been in the search engine’s confusion, all in how to improve the site’s ranking in Baidu, the chain, change the structure of the website, the website can give hope to do better, ranking up will be very happy, in the event of the 6.22, I have no credit at Baidu, the killing of innocent people… Can still seek ways to restore the site, repeated in the struggle of the HA ha. With the passage of time, the site without a recovery, a lot of people are talking, don’t give up! In the new station to make a start in and so on, has been stuck in for search and search into them…

turned around and said: a business, what he really wants to get on the Internet, some people say that traffic, it was also said to be accurate traffic, there are more people say that the rankings. Of course, they say is right, and as Chinese search engine market outshines the Baidu, has become the first choice of business owners, we have put into the arms of Baidu, Baidu to go through fire and water, lay a piece of land, may also be able to get a space for one person in Baidu, but never seen at the top of the head of a but Baidu promotion, from time to time a bit fell dejected, they intercepted 70% search engine traffic, there is not much traffic is the first two pages divided, even if you are in the million horses finally squeezed into the top, this position is changed at any time may hang by a thread. Even that depends not only on your competitors but also on Baidu’s strategic adjustments every time. A lot of innocent station, became a stepping stone and victim in huge investment, enterprises began to reflect on is not the wrong people, leading to station is K, or feel the water is too mixed, quit the Internet market to find another way.

what a sad thing it is.

then, as business owners or owners, what should I do? I have this problem, for many people, there was no clear answer. Here are some ideas for you to think about.

first, the Internet enterprises want to obtain potential customers on the Internet, followed by the increase in business on the Internet exposure, enhance the user understanding of the enterprise, enhance the enterprise visibility on the internet. Play the role of network marketing, network promotion, network publicity. From these restrictions and fetters is not difficult to see, can meet these conditions, there are many things we can do in fact, not only a way to promote.

first, third party platform (B2B/ classification information / line)

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