Polish eyes to see the truth, WeChat marketing virtual than real

Polish eyes to see the truth, WeChat marketing virtual than real

has been doing the last half of the WeChat related work, has also been accompanied by the development of WeChat’s public platform, has witnessed the changes in WeChat marketing, to tell the truth, overdone. Some people are busy debating whether micro-blog or WeChat is worth more valuable; some people are busy doing some fans with advertising to make money; busy training profit; some people busy speech…… WeChat marketing is a hitherto unknown marketing tool? Or calm down a bit too much, false.

let’s take a look at WeChat marketing to make people who earn it? Grassroots earn it? Earned, and not earn less than the income of more than 50w. Engage in training to earn it? Certainly earned. President class charges thousands of students must be yes, there are certainly willing to pay the company. There are also selling software to earn, what automatic greeting, Zhanjie software and the like, a lot of selling. Did you make a marketing service? Well done. There are third party development. Looks very satisfactory ah, we have to make money, ha ha. Some people got a name, some people, some people and ah. I have to say that WeChat is really powerful.

WeChat marketing effect? That’s for sure, but we still have to return to reason. I’m going to tell the truth, first said the grassroots public number, the article reading rate can reach 30% even if it is good, a lot of people reading the public number is less than 10%. Fortunately, we read some of the number of operations in more than 30%, so many advertisers are very happy to choose our number.

Why is

reading rate so low? There are many public operators one has dozens of number, so there is no energy to operate, just ad to send advertising quality as can be imagined. So the promotion of a product conversion rate is relatively low, and not ideal so high. Then again, this is more than some of the previous propaganda tools, the conversion rate will be relatively high.

operators have good business WeChat? Really not much, blindly follow the trend is a big push, but most of them don’t know how to do, really make achievements not much, are some of the strength of the enterprise and the team. Millet WeChat do well, not necessarily, they have their team and strength, WeChat more used to do service and customer management platform. In fact, it is very simple, but not the strength of the enterprise will learn not to learn the method is useless. Durex has done well? Durex in social media, it is a gift. Even more important is their team, or why other condom brands do not do a good job. So I think, for many of its own influence and visibility, there is a certain degree of loyalty to the enterprise is still more suitable to do WeChat marketing, some companies do not have much need to follow suit.

from the media who live well? It is also a gust of wind, are those who can adhere to the core characters to write articles, adhere to do from the media, can really rely on it to eat too little. More or rely on it to manage personal brand, to create personal influence and visibility, indirect formation of value. Since the media is the previous blog >

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