Web site planning how to determine the location of the site

Web site planning how to determine the location of the site

for the start-up site, it is best to start from a small goal, even if the resources, capital, manpower and other aspects are very rich, the beginning is also the best place to start small.

determine the first principle of site positioning: small is beautiful.

in the initial stage of the development of the site, the site’s goal is best to be small, small is not necessarily bad, big is not necessarily good, because there is still a distance between thought and get. The goal is high, positioning is very grand, does not mean that the site can achieve the goal of positioning. In order to achieve big goals, it is best to start small goals.

positioning small goals, not to deny the future of big goals. Accurate positioning is often conducive to further development of the site, because in different stages of development can be changed positioning. For example, the famous American social networking site Facebook was originally for the United States some of the famous university students to provide services to the community, and later to the public. It is hard to imagine that Facebook can be popular if it is open to the public at the very beginning.

if the beginning of the positioning is too large, often resulting in the front is too long, not enough resources, energy is not concentrated, it is difficult to form the final advantage.

for example to build a site, it is best not to all involved, need to find a point to start small, for example, this could be the social attributes, such as schools, companies, Facebook is on the social attribute of human, this point to start, through this school has formed a community the organization as the breakthrough point of website; also can be of interest, such as love music, love song, you can set up an online karaoke theme website. If it is already a lot of video website, video website, this time can be a little smaller, from the video + K as the starting point, do the original video site is also a breakthrough point can be.

not only small, but also need to find a point, this point is to base, is the site of creation, development, and growth rely on, like the thunder to download point, like Baidu to search for the basis, at the beginning, this can be very small, but when to grow, we can produce numerous applications, and so the achievements of Internet industry. If at the beginning, the point is too big, too many points, what want to get, what are not willing to give up, the final result is nothing. Greed is an eternal topic of human nature, but to maintain restraint, but it is an important condition for success.

find this point, you need to look at the following three aspects:

1, a good price for the market space

2, the user needs have not fully meet

3, compared to competitors have a unique advantage

1, site positioning must consider the market outlook: to find cost-effective market empty

, for example, now do the portal, give you 100 million yuan, who can protect >

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