Wugudaochang group closed its original official website has become private web site

Wugudaochang group closed its original official website has become private web site

brand image is difficult to fall easily!

October 2008, wugudaochang to Beijing Fangshan court to submit an application for bankruptcy reorganization, the direct cause of business conditions continued to deteriorate, there has been a total loss of company. This application has been approved in 08 years at the beginning of November.

"non fried instant noodles, more healthy! Wugudaochang" this previously for instant noodles brand people know today is bankrupt! COFCO group spent 200 million officially took over! Now the supermarket shelves have disappeared once the love for the popular

brand instant noodles!

from Huiyuan to be the acquisition of Coca-Cola, due to the Sanlu milk powder melamine and the brand fell! And then to today’s wugudaochang bankruptcy! Chinese brands suffered heavy losses in the past 2 years! These brands which one is after years of painstaking efforts, and slowly grow into a well-known brands of domestic brands is to the ground! So quick! For the value of the brand, can not be said to be a huge loss for

!The original

wugudaochang official website has become the PW web site

!Reporters yesterday login

wugudaochang original official website http://s.wgdc.cn, the other reporters surprise, this domain has turned to a private home site, but also with the wugudaochang name, then the reporter login Baidu search wugudaochang official website, found only "wugudaochang propagation mechanism" of a construction in progress the COM domain name, the website also does not know whether the new

wugudaochang’s official website!

reporter then found the well-known sites "webmaster nets", the website domain name consulting a senior webmaster, learned that the wgdc.cn domain name registration in 08 years in December, wugudaochang from bankruptcy but more than 2 months! And the search engine to see to understand, just a month’s time, the domain name has changed hands several times a few times, and replace the site, now positioned to form a PW website home! But this domain resale price is based on the senior webmaster can make nothing of it! Said the domain name of the PR value for 4 (Note: the PR value is an important part of the ranking algorithm of Google search for domain name, website is very important!) has a certain value! Wugudaochang so abandon a pity! After all the time in the future restructuring group will use it! Wgdc.cn this domain has the brand with wugudaochang For yesterday’s Day!

"world brand! Made in China!" China needs "one hundred years brand"

"wugudaochang" a bankruptcy, even a small domain has to give up. But reporters from the move which see a detail, is China entrepreneurs pay attention to its own brand, the level of understanding of its value is not enough, it is not mature, which is why people have recognized the "hundred years old", "hundred years brand", because the time of precipitation, the test of history, let people think this "hundred years" brand is a trusted brand! But really can do a hundred years brand, in Chinese >

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