The same way network domain name acquisition of PK Cheng Shuangpin

The same way network domain name acquisition of PK Cheng Shuangpin

It is reported that the recent

news December 15th, micro-blog on the same way a particular domain name concern, days before there came again the same way network domain has been acquired, now, domain name information has been changed to the same way network access to the domain name company name, jump to


diagram: the same way network Logo

many days before the 8 day, 51book founder Chen Peng said on micro-blog heavily bought double spell domain name, this news immediately caused the attention of many users, the same way network most local characteristics Larry domain acquired by others, especially unfortunately, on the same day, the same way network CTO micro Bo said Ma peace and no matter how much money to repurchase domain, and expressed willingness to co invest with Chen Peng, from the interaction between the two sides can see micro-blog, these are Chen Peng declined.


map: domain name information

however, but after several days, the domain name changed again, buyers also line the same way network, but users cited speculation, Ctrip bought Larry domain, after years of end with brand Larry domain, and as its competitors in the same way network in the tourism industry competition, not backward, with Cheng net should be acquired before the domain name is Larry domain, micro-blog fried, likely will rally.

According to

, the same way network recently listed to accelerate the pace of the acquisition process with Larry domain, is likely to pave the way for the listing, in addition, in 2010 the same way network began to deploy their own brand strategy, and constructs including swim together in the same way "brand (tourism portal), the same way network (travel booking platform), (brigade intersection tourism enterprise platform) three travel platform.

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