Hungry VS. weight beauty group puzzle takeaway rush 2015

Hungry VS. weight beauty group puzzle takeaway rush 2015




Lanna evening

when Wang Xing founded the campus network in Colleges and universities of the territory Shirupozhu, Chen Yizhou and his 5Q network launched "a registered account can receive a free on campus cafeteria chicken" activities, a total of 250 thousand chicken drumstick sent over, the situation has reversed, 5Q network under 1000 rubber company acquired Xiaonei to reserve price of $2 million reverse, Wang Xing out.

, however, the time to give enough competition to Chen Yizhou in high and vigorous spirits of variables, the NYSE bell, but let the valuation quickly become junk stocks, the market value has shrunk to only $1 billion 400 million, while Wang was removed at the end of the business for many years, the United States mission was a great success, at the beginning of the new round financing reached $7 billion valuation.

, however, whether it is Chen Yizhou or Wang Xing, are still just the campus market as a natural social relations incubation unit, and no intention to dig deep in the business. The former will be renamed the school network, hope to enter more white-collar market, which also created a short network at home, also aimed at the adult social cake. At the same time, Zhang Xuhao of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University are found around the students for the strong demand can receive the ordering in the dormitory, will be a "hungry" as a brand name, reshaping the campus market consumption potential, also built a high wall O2O took the lead in the battlefield of the future.

look, this is still a "send chicken" commercial paper.

years later, Wang Xingqin point of his old comrades, vice president of the United States Mission product group is responsible for the United States to take out the O2O business, which took over the first thing to do, is to return to the campus of the. At this time, not only is hungry, the two giants Baidu and Alibaba, public comment and other old players are trying to encroach on this is called "half of the country" O2O industry giant market. This past 2014, driven by capital "heavy weapons of war" menacing, but also quickly enter the left for the king.

, according to multiple reports according to the market survey, after several rounds of shuffling, with first mover advantage and resource hungry sitting on the United States to become the first group purchase tier two teams only, this is also the Department of Jiaotong University (Zhang Xuhao, Kang Jia) and Qinghua (Wang Xing, Wang Huiwen) the last battle.

The content of this paper is derived from

, an interview with Zhang Xuhao and Wang Huiwen’s notes.

two life, the two styles of

Zhang Xuhao and Wang Huiwen two people are due to start up the idea of breaking up their studies, but in the path, they vary greatly, and may also lead to different management styles.

After the

found it impossible to take into account the studies, Zhang Xuhao chose to leave, but is not taboo backed by Shanghai Jiaotong University resources and aura, as hungry to seek outside the campus life. The name of Shanghai Jiaotong University Students Entrepreneurial Team banner, Zhang Xuhao actively participate in the national multiple business competition, and successfully attracted to VC early on

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