Good house China won the 700 million investment website Larry domain.

Good house China won the 700 million investment website Larry domain.


recently, all real estate sales platform good house China obtained 700 million yuan investment from Zhejiang Limited by Share Ltd brand jewelry, including a good house China to 400 million yuan of funds to sell a 16% stake, and get the brand jewelry of 300 million yuan of capital. Good house China website using Shuangpin domain name domain name registration in 2003, direct correspondence with "good house", the double Pinyin itself is very valuable. In addition, the good house China also holds and four Chinese domain name good house China.Com". Which domain name has been used as the official website of the jump.

Chinese house was established in Suzhou in 2012, is a national all real estate sales platform, with the O2O people of all real estate sales mode for developers to quickly gather customers, the company’s business involving Yishoufang, second-hand housing, community and real estate related financial services products. At the end of 2014, a good house China has settled 43 city nationwide, more than 100 strategic brand developers, signing 562 high-quality properties cooperation, agent number 3 million 150 thousand, since the establishment of the cumulative turnover exceeded 294 billion 200 million yuan. Its domain name short record at the same time, with the brand fit is very high, to promote its spread a lot of help.

either the terminal or the investors, the popularity of the China are Larry domain grow with each passing day. Like the past few days of Internet marketing the first product snapshot sign new three, the official domain name with "" last week, rumors of value of 10 million acquisition of Lei car, as well as investors take medicine six big durian and so on, the recent frequent appearance of domain name ring headlines Larry domain.

had predicted that Larry domain meters friends in 2016 shine is this is preheated


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