For the Qixi Festival joking nternet ten love accident

For the Qixi Festival joking nternet ten love accident

Internet love world is always wonderful. These years, the Internet bigwigs while busy show affection, a little busy yesterday, "but" still partners today since it became the most familiar stranger, still fight at outrance today’s contest, "tomorrow is the wine, to create a better future", but after all is in order to "benefit" two words. Investment flows into ten "love you joking in recent years the Internet accident".


, Ali, Sina love, ah q battle smoke gradually

August 1, 2013, Ma carrying executives visited Sina, platform show, Taylor "launched micro-blog Taobao version". This is Ali after Sina shares, both the first high-profile show of affection". Behind this field of love, is Ali and WeChat decided to break up, just the day before, the Alibaba has just issued a notice, in order to protect the consumer perception and control transaction risk, we suspended the application of WeChat related services in the market order."

means that it will shield all calls Taobao data interface WeChat applications, as the year Ali shield Baidu data on the automatic capture of Taobao. A micro-blog + Sina Ali VS Tencent WeChat war smoke gradually.

in the early development of WeChat, a Taobao customer sensitive sense of smell, fast transfer positions aimed at WeChat, as a public number, brush circle of friends, "WeChat shopping" and "pocket" to help sellers do WeChat marketing account has also done awfully, begun to take shape and get the investment. At that time, although Taobao has not publicly announced a partnership with WeChat, but also tacitly. Unexpectedly, times have changed, the night between Taobao and WeChat to draw a line, so that these people are targeting WeChat business by heart.

investment tide review: as an online shopping chop hand family and WeChat users, the author hope that Taobao and WeChat will be able to "good gay friend, a quilt", but this is only a beautiful dream. Either Ali or WeChat want to eat alone under the social and business a huge piece of cake, but on the other hand, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Ma Mingzhe to cross sell common insurance scheme to usurp power, Denver Internet finance; on the one hand, two horses and cut off contact, resolutely break. Can only sigh, not I do not understand, the giant’s emotional world changes too fast.

in addition, friendly reminder in the shuttle between the bustling giant entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship must be cautious, be careful the accidental injury, the war between the giants often accidentally injure even triggered at any moment, unfortunately killed "".

two, millet, Meizu "angrily" untrustworthy "without the bottom line brother wanted to kill you"

just past July last day is a time of magic, break in Alibaba with WeChat on the same day, the company issued 799 yuan millet red rice aimed at the low-end market "". The news came out, Meizu founder Huang Zhang published the title

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