The network anchorwoman had a monthly income of tens of thousands of net net action after the decisi

The network anchorwoman had a monthly income of tens of thousands of net net action after the decisi

      quiet night, dressed after a young girl pulled the curtains, she will use 3 HD cameras, 1 microphones, and the Internet is the most important, began the day’s work in the area of small apartment anchor.

"is sometimes pure appearance, sometimes wore a blonde wig and makeup." The evening Shanghai cafe, small Y to the "First Financial Daily" reporter recalled the previous "part-time"; the 90 girl is tall, foreign occupation and plane model exhibition.

due to events not every day, not every day do the cover, small Y part-time network anchorwoman under a predecessor of the referral. In order to communicate with her, VIP members will spend a lot of money amount of prepaid cards, and she is from the Internet platform to extract a certain income into.

part-time part-time time is not long, but the income is considerable." Small Y said, every month the situation has even tens of thousands, sometimes even far beyond our own work; for porn, though she tried to avoid, but inevitably in various actions exposed and tantalizing, all paying guests’ needs.

these are before the net net action. May Day eve, after Nora event, the site where caught off small Y, also owed her April part-time fees.

hormone economics

wants to figure out the Internet’s hormonal economics, you can look at two sets of data.

According to a survey by ISSL (International Secure System Lab, Internet Security Systems Lab) in 2010, about 12% of the world’s Web sites offer more or less pornographic content.

statistics from Google’s advertising service provider Double-click, porn sites and data traffic is extremely impressive, before the global independent visits 500 sites, several ten pornographic websites; request in all search engines, 1/4 are related to pornography, Internet download at all in more than 1/3 of all pornography.

known as traffic entrance is not too. In the early development of the Internet, piracy and erotic was to promote the development of the "original sin".

"users of high quality, pure natural paying habits, grass root." A few years ago, the Internet erotic site owners to the reporter so summed up the characteristics of the Internet erotic users.

, in its view, the Internet economy is "grass root who in the world, and the Internet itself is erotic users the highest quality Internet users, if able to control the lives of the user’s needs, but also means that the most stable traffic and the entrance.

erotic user needs, and then spawned a few cases of Internet innovation. As early as 1990s in the United States, online payment has been a successful practice in the erotic industry

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