Web2.0 the design of user behavior, play virtual life

Web2.0 the design of user behavior, play virtual life

1, what is the experience? Experience is emotional traces is the physical and mental fluctuations, and is not only easy to use and interactivity; we should pay attention to the user’s emotions, like sticky, it is necessary to create love and hate, the passions;

2, Web2.0 site is community +UGC, it is a group of people together to do something, something to talk; whether text, pictures, music, video, or friends, is a carrier of behavior, through the interaction of the carrier to adults, to reach the user’s own emotional experience.

3, on the website, the results are far greater than the significance and importance of the process of the user experience, have love and hate in the process, the results just aftertaste. The user experience of the process depends on the site to control and guide the user behavior, that is to say, the user behavior is the key to website can manipulate the user’s emotions, guide and user behavior is the priority among priorities of the


4, someone let me out of an idea, can make his forum fire up, I said to him: set up a forum props, the other side of the head into a stool for 1 days……

, 5 people are interacting with the behavior and the environment, is also a language behavior, we present Web2.0 website user behavior patterns is too little, "post replies, with you, and I like is the primary stage, the user does not have to interact, how to interact the degree of interaction? So shallow, how the user will have emotions and money to pay? You do not you pay emotion and money, how to produce viscous


6, a good example to learn the game, in the game, I can go to cut people, marriage, upgrade, Jian Gang, when the boss, PK, undercover, rob, Duke, engaged in the trading, global kept woman under the black hand, Simon, to play BOSS, copy, raise flowers, flying kites, dancing and singing ktv…… So many in the community, what can I do? Typing, chat, film, sing, my this self-super-i? My survival needs, safety needs, belongingness and love needs, esteem and respect him, I need the self realization need

?There are four big iron

7, the society, together to carry guns together and go to the countryside, together with classmates, (suitable for children), have a common experience, after the things people can easily form friends, things and events in the community is too small, no matter where things and events come, where friends the Forum blog chat? Tens of thousands of words than to girls, dance dance soak up fast, why? In the game, Louloubaobao hit kiss, the reality is not bad half step?

8, now organization, what is the difference between the organization and management of a group of people, the book says that the organization goal, community groups have what goal? I only have a little the main goal, and then look at the large unions in World of Warcraft, its organizational structure and management system of formal and rigorous. Even better than the reality of many companies, why? Interest dictates, trade unions directly determined the status >

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