Ming potential capital Feng Wei investment manager how to manage time

Ming potential capital Feng Wei investment manager how to manage time

Feng Wei is very good at sharing.

two meeting, we talked to more than 1 in the morning, he put a lot of his own industry and industry research reports are shared with me to learn.

one o’clock in the morning, he usually doesn’t work.


Feng Wei after graduation in the United States and the group for 3 years and the product manager for the past 1 years, during the part-time to do a start-up company, got the pre-A round, and later for various reasons, he quit. 2015 Feng Wei into the potential capital investment manager.

Feng Wei, according to their own investment experience do a dry cargo sharing.

first, the probability of early investment problems

Feng Wei gave me two sets of data.

2014 full public access to the financing of the company is 3000 (conservative estimate). He himself, for example, if you look at 2 projects a year, all year round, you can see the 500 projects, pushed up about 50 projects, coverage is 1/60.


another set of data is that the establishment of the company in early 2014 and the fastest growing companies, such as the scale of the scale of interest in such projects, currently only less than 20. The most effective way is to focus on changes in the direction of entrepreneurship, expand coverage, as much as possible to see the project.

angel investment stage, investment institutions generally judge standard is, the best way is to put the field from top to bottom (that is, the industry leader and entrepreneurs) all visit + chat, basic understanding of this industry, can know the industry trends.

such as agriculture, migrant workers in recent years, migrant workers, land transfer speed, and thus accelerate the land scale, intensive development, providing opportunities for mechanization, etc.. Changes in the market bring entrepreneurial opportunities, investment opportunities.


so the usual approach is to sort out the industry’s information analysis, and the industry’s outstanding entrepreneurs and investors to chat, study the industry as far as possible the full research report.

in addition, watch more projects in one day. When you see 800 projects a year, the coverage is further enhanced.

look at the project is the consensus of most investment managers, look at the project means that the increase in coverage.

here is a problem, we are looking at ways to increase the coverage of the project, this time management time is very important.

two, how to understand effective time management?

the investment industry is hard and smart people grab a hand, we usually work time is nine a.m..

Feng Wei take this >

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