Vianet Tianjin room off Maxthon, Sina mail service interruption

Vianet Tianjin room off Maxthon, Sina mail service interruption

yesterday afternoon at about 5, Ao You found himself a lot of users browser has been unable to visit the Ao You server, online favorites function can not be used, reported the latest news "reported in the first time by Ao You power supply problem"

server downtime


below is the user’s complaints and comments at micro-blog:

Bus platform Boy: the consideration to find a backup of what the


: power supply, rolling to UPS power supply? No disaster recovery room? No emergency measures


: if micro-blog Wenjie just lost my data as well — the original data local data I have been unable to overwrite the server, the tragedy…. couldn’t delete my data stored in the server.

is more than Maxthon miserable. This event is due to the Tanggu operators in power core room maintenance room, large forklift to click the cable Waduan, so Maxthon, pea pods, Sina mail, iCIBA, there are a number of online games and online service interruption. Maxthon engineers forced overtime; pea pods due to more than Tianjin a room, only the application of market function has been affected, but the service becomes less stable, heard technology team in a tense overtime; Sina mail users also complain about not receiving mail on micro-blog, responsible for operation and maintenance while not say, but in QQ complained: "2 times in 1 weeks. Exercise IDC plan." ICIBA; after yesterday issued an emergency service interruption that posts.

according to micro-blog news, the accident service provider is Century Internet:

genuine Yu Jianqiang: it is estimated that this is the history of the Internet in the history of the most tragic accident, the whole room outage, causing incalculable losses to customers. Is also the most serious accident so far, so the only thing we can do is to wait.

Xiao Jun 1982: Century Internet, how can we make such a stupid mistake, although I do not know why, but it is estimated that the price of the Tanggu room

(51CTO editor note: the above two are technical personnel of pea pods and Maxthon)

room because of the construction error of large-scale power outages, this is not the first time, not long ago in Hainan also had a room off the accident, Tianya website encounter downtime.

accident occurred, and now the operation and maintenance of the various sites are considering temporary relocation of the server team, Century Internet and computer room staff are also in the repair of electricity.

51CTO in the first time to find the century Internet company, Century Internet marketing department said that the current century interconnection does not indicate the progress of the event and the subsequent processing >

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