Daily topics YAHOO twenty years once brilliant now in

Daily topics YAHOO twenty years once brilliant now in

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network March 9th news, time flies, the world’s first large-scale network service provider YAHOO has over 20 years old! In the past 20 years, what changes in YAHOO


YAHOO is a well-known Internet portal in the United States, but also one of the creators of the Internet miracle in late twentieth Century. Its services include search engines, e-mail, news, etc., operating in 24 countries and regions, more than 500 million of the world’s independent users to provide a wide range of network services. It is also a global Internet communications, business and media company.

1990s, YAHOO to provide website directory service and reputation, and quickly became the early Internet users preferred portal website. YAHOO as the oldest category directory search database, is also one of the most important search service web site, in all Internet search applications share of about 36%. The collection sites were all in accordance with the manual editing category. The registration site in the database is very high in both form and content.

as an Internet company, YAHOO founder Yang Zhiyuan from the age will position itself as a media company, and opened a free and open advertising revenue business model, to become first-line brand ads choice, momentary limelight without the windfall profits and earn two. But YAHOO did not meet in the profit model, they began looking for new sources of wealth, and finally they found a March 2003 search market, they are not good at field, YAHOO completed the acquisition of Inktomi, has become one of the major competitors of Google.

wave of ups and downs. YAHOO in search of the war did not suppress the Google, when the wave of mobile came up too late. The beginning of the second ten years, YAHOO is not a wise decision products, but the investment in the emerging electricity supplier company Alibaba. In 2006 for $1 billion and Yahoo China from Softbank hands for the 40% of the shares of the Alibaba and 35% of the vote, then Yahoo China has been non-existent, and now the successful listing of the Alibaba feedback is enormous, even YAHOO can now purchase a large number, are used from the Alibaba investment income funds.

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in the summer of 2002, when he was YAHOO CEO Terry  Semel tried to buy Google, but the price of $3 billion is not accepted by Google, so YAHOO missed the only chance for the acquisition of Google, Google will soon become the dominant search engine, and YAHOO is since want to against the Google chaos.

in the replacement of CEO constantly, finally ushered in a stable CEO, Anita after taking office the largest label is "buy buy buy", crazy once let the prodigal female satire industry but it is >.

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