The first case of network violence, two sites were sentenced to infringement

The first case of network violence, two sites were sentenced to infringement

written by female white-collar Dutch act before the ginger rock "death blog" revealed the affair to her husband Faye Wong on her husband hardly wished to live. caused by Internet users, "human flesh search", the disclosure of personal information, and the serious influence to the work of Faye Wong and real life. Yesterday, the prosecution of the three parties to the site of the first case of network violence in Chaoyang Court of First Instance sentenced Faye Wong.

Chaoyang Court, Zhang Leyi ("north of migratory birds fly" site) and Beijing Lingyun Interactive Information Technology Co. Ltd. (Daqi) constitute a violation of Faye Wong’s privacy and reputation, and Hainan Tianya online network technology Limited (Tianya virtual community network) for related content promptly removed within a reasonable period of time, was sentenced disclaimer.

due to the "human flesh search" and "network violence" is a hot topic in society, and the protection of personal privacy in the network, the website of users of speech regulatory obligations and limits, freedom of speech and privacy protection limits and other issues related, the case has aroused widespread concern.

in a press conference after the Chaoyang Court also said, "the legal and social problems" always behind on the case, and the case was called joint legal expert seminars and senior judges are discussed. After the first instance verdict, the court issued a judicial proposal to the Ministry of industry and information technology to reflect the problem of network supervision.

on personal privacy infringement

disclosure of names, units and other information constitutes infringement

in the Wang Feisu Zhang Leyi case, the court held that the focus of the dispute is that Zhang Leyi in the registration of the "north of migratory birds fly" website will be Faye Wong’s real name, home address, work units, and other women have "information disclosure affair" is an infringement of Faye Wong’s privacy and reputation.

Zhang Leyi said in the trial, "the migratory birds fly north" is Jiang Yan relatives and friends built to commemorate ginger rock, presentation and evaluation of the events and characters is the citizen’s legal right. To evaluate the related articles also comply with the public order and good customs. Faye Wong’s social evaluation is not in conformity with the immoral behavior of marital infidelity, and has no causal relationship with the articles published in the website.

about the disclosure of "affair", the court held that the citizen’s personal life, including extramarital relationships, all belong to the scope of personal privacy. Under normal circumstances, the parties generally do not want to do not spread to the specific public. Zhang Leyi Faye Wong will have "affair" of the facts disclosed in the "north of migratory birds fly" on the website, the website and other websites linked, expanded the fact spread on the Internet, so that the public can know, their actions constitute infringement of private rights of Wang Feiyin.

about the disclosure of personal information, the court held that, whether it has been known to others names, work units, home address and other personal information disclosure, the use of such acts constitute a violation of privacy, shall be regarded as the behavior of people.

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