Daily topics South China Morning Post acquisition of Alibaba and a member of the media empire Ali

Daily topics South China Morning Post acquisition of Alibaba and a member of the media empire Ali

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 14th news, announced the acquisition of Hong Kong famous English newspaper "South China Morning Post" and related media assets in Alibaba on Friday. The advantages of the Internet and Ali "South China Morning Post" editorial advantages together, let the world understand English to create a high quality of the Chinese window.

, according to Bloomberg News reported that the Alibaba has acquired Hongkong "South China Morning Post" and other media assets, the latest news shows, the Alibaba out of the purchase price of HK $2 billion 60 million (about $266 million).


group executive vice president Cai Chongxin said, "" South China Morning Post "was unique in that, she focused on China reports in english. Anyone who wants to know about China, the world’s second largest economy, will pay attention to such reports. Our ideal is, through the advantages of Ali in the digital era, so that more people can easily read the contents of the "South China Morning Post", to help the media to obtain global readers, and establish the influence in the world."


SCMP group CEO Yichen Hu said: "the Alibaba group in the field of mobile Internet has proven expertise. The company has the ability to use technology to create content more efficiently, and reach the global market. We welcome the Alibaba to invest more resources in the South China Morning Post editing and operation, which will allow the "South China Morning Post" more powerful."


SCMP group because of excellent profit and let the other newspaper industry envy, its business has been struggling in recent years, because advertisers have turned to online network. Over the past 3 years, SCMP group profit has been declining.

two years ago, Amazon Co CEO Bezos also acquired the "Washington Post", but $250 million is Berlusconi out of pocket; and the acquisition of the "South China Morning Post", it is entirely commercial Ali group. Nevertheless, the two heroes of the same nature of Internet Network hailun flagship, and has put the different approaches but equally satisfactory results can not allow commercial action, people on lenovo.

In addition to "

" outside the South China Morning Post newspaper, the Alibaba will also receive the network and digital edition version of the product, and some other well-known magazines and other assets. In June this year, Alibaba announced the investment of 1 billion 200 million yuan in equity finance, and the first financial markets to explore the potential of huge data services. Shortly thereafter, Alibaba also helped establish a media and entertainment company Chinese cultural holdings.

Cai Chongxin stressed the "South China Morning Post" will continue to maintain editorial independence, with an objective, accurate and fair principle of news reports: "Daily editorial decisions will be made by the editors in the newsroom, rather than in the boardroom." But the industry will continue to maintain the independence of the South China Morning Post reported the problem there are still many doubts.

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