ntroduction of the first national design competition in 2007

ntroduction of the first national design competition in 2007

      1. Contest introduction

      with the increasing popularity of Internet applications, the Internet has become an indispensable part of our daily work, study and life. The Internet browser toolbar software as auxiliary tool software users, with simple operation, compact, convenient, easy to use, powerful and other unique advantages, has gradually become one of the main ways to access the Internet cyber source.
      in order to promote the browser toolbar application in China, to jointly resist the malicious software, and inspire national network enthusiasts creative passion, by IE show in a number of network IT company held its first national bar design contest and the online exhibition. Competition for domestic network enthusiasts to provide a platform to display their own ambitions, at the same time, to provide more and better utility software for Internet users in the country.  

      two, contest organization

      contest website: http://s.dasai.ieshow.net

      Organizer: IE show   world network   Sun Network   PHPCMS

      CO organizer: stock 160  Internet Weekly   Hong Lian journey   China Station home   China IDC circle

      Associated Media: Chinese IT laboratory     the NetEase owners experience; graphic arts network   Chinese home owners;       Chinese network alliance; IT database   I love   in the exhibition design;   net; Web Design   China Art Design Alliance

      three, the procedure

      the contest is divided into preliminaries and finals of the two program.

      competition time: September 1, 2007 -2007.

      preliminary measures: the Organizing Committee organized experts to conduct a review.

      you can choose to participate in the following ways:


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