Chinese domain name fooled hundreds of thousands of Chinese Enterprises

Chinese domain name fooled hundreds of thousands of Chinese Enterprises

      Chinese.Com is Chinese domain name?   Chinese.Cn is the Chinese domain name? China’s domain name registrar and agents to play a word game together, fooled hundreds of thousands of enterprises. For money and profits, for in the impetuous Internet earn a barrel, all others.

      Chinese.Com  Chinese.Cn  looks like Chinese domain name. But only the Chinese domain name, rather than the true meaning of the ICANN designated Chinese domain name.

      Chinese.Com  is the international domain name, only after the IE 7, the English alphabet and the Arabia letter into chinese.

      for example,   Baidu.Com actually corresponds to the          graph king.Com corresponds to the, with a transcoder, corresponding to view any domain name of the international domain name. Similarly Baidu.Cn  in fact corresponds to

      can be entered in any one of the IE 7 browser:   www. figure Wang.Com  =

      these are not really Chinese domain names. Chinese domain name is still in the test, foreign media reports, the Internet domain name authority ICANN is testing Chinese language and other languages of the domain name, is expected to be launched in 08 to 09 years. Http:// has also been reported on the Xinhua website, conditional access to foreign reports.   the above is a true test of the Chinese domain name domain name   you can test the access to the   ie; "example. Test"

      that the domestic Chinese.Com and the real Chinese. Chinese   what is the difference?

      input on Chinese.Com input need to switch 2 fonts. Because the domain name prefix is Chinese, must Chinese input method, the domain name is.

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