Very influential cloud host, how to pull up the safety line for it

Very influential cloud host, how to pull up the safety line for it

has entered the cloud era today, as an important part of cloud computing infrastructure – cloud host, which has high speed and stability, ease of use, high cost and many advantages of highly favored. For such a very influential cloud host, although a lot of advantages, but also the presence of information security risks of it. Since the majority of users would be so popular in the use of cloud hosting, it has the danger to believe that there are still certain solutions, today the linkage of the world will share how to pull up the security line of cloud hosting skills for your site security escort


skills 1: install the network version of antivirus software. In the popularity of the Internet today, the network is now a lot of viruses are obvious to everyone, so to install antivirus software on the web server, and timely update antivirus software and update the virus database.

skills two: management to protect the cloud hosting account and password. Cloud hosting system administrator account and password can be said to be the first line of defense of the server, the majority of the site was attacked because the password is cracked.

tip three: turn off temporarily unnecessary services and ports. Usually the server operating system will be installed in conjunction with the start of some unnecessary services, these services will take advantage of cloud hosting system resources, but also increase the security risks of the system. So in the use of cloud hosting must not need to service and port off.

tips four: regular backup of the cloud host system. Occasionally, the network can not predict the failure of the system or the user caused by improper operation of the data problem, we must regularly carry out a secure backup of the cloud host system.

tip five: always monitor system logs. Usually the cloud host system will have a log program, which will record the activities of the system, so you can monitor and analyze the system log to determine whether the site is abnormal.

now many Internet service providers will be like the linkage of the world ( in the background provides various techniques to protect the safety of four or five, but the cloud host security problems are a lot of reasons caused by the user itself because. So the linkage of the world suggested that the majority of users, we must improve their awareness of security, the only way to fundamentally protect the security of cloud hosting data information.

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