Traditional enterprise transformation nternet should do this

Traditional enterprise transformation nternet should do this

some say about the traditional enterprise transformation problem is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, but I just want to express their views on the situation, is the so-called different views. Because each person’s thinking of different dimensions, of course, the conclusions are also different. Here I would like to take this opportunity to talk with you about the transformation of traditional enterprises in Yang Zi’s point of view and where to go?.


first we look at the reasons why the traditional companies are eager to transition to the Internet:

in recent years, many traditional industries affected by the impact of electricity providers have deep feelings, the annual sales of the double 11 Festival are rising, 2015 double eleven Tmall sales of 91 billion 217 million, and in 2016 eleven Tmall double record sales is a total sales amount of 120 billion 700 million as the acme of perfection, the momentum of development, thus the electricity supplier is how quickly.

According to the

Chinese Internet Network Information Center in Beijing issued thirty-eighth "China Internet development statistics report" as of June 2016 the total number of Internet users in China for the first time in more than 700 million, up to 710 million, of which mobile phone users is 656 million, 26.5 hours per week online. Internet penetration rate reached 51.7%, more than the global average of 3.1 percentage points. (Note: data source network)

by the two group data shows that the momentum of development and the space of China’s Internet market obviously, coupled with the national Premier Li Keqiang put forward the development strategy of "Internet plus", once again stir up a large Internet boom

for the traditional industries of the enterprise, the impact of the Internet by the electricity supplier over the past two years, its effectiveness in the past has shrunk a lot.

as early as 2014 Yang Zi in a chat with a friend in the industry education electronic products, when I asked her for the last two years in the development of the electricity supplier fast today, compared to in the past whether your business is affected? The answer is

, yes!

must concern the clothing industry and the Internet friends heard of, China’s well-known clothing brand "Metersbonwe" three years off 1500 stores, in 2015 a year according to the reported loss of 432 million. Of course, Metersbonwe is not only a damaged foreign competition, Yang Zi think more should be from the Internet to the impact of the electricity supplier. And now Metersbonwe is also actively change the business strategy and the direction of the Internet to create online and offline (O2O business model) to build the next line store experience.


live in Yang Zi around 2013 there are two Metersbonwe stores, to the 2014 -2015 year I went to go over there, have found that two stores closed since.

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