Do you want to buy your own name

Do you want to buy your own name

once in a SEM forum to see the discussion on this issue, in the purchase of search keywords, whether to buy their own business name, the name of the site, or the name of the brand. Of course, these discussions are often aimed at the more famous companies, websites and brands. In fact, an argument is more specific, when these "owned" key companies naturally by Baidu and Google in the search results first, there is no need to buy the


I see the relevant discussions often give a negative answer, I remember in the IBM interactive marketing director Mr. Dong Jinwei in an interview, there have been similar answers. Mr Tung’s view is that we have bought the word IBM, the word do not have to buy, in Google Baidu naturally ranked first. It’s what they do for us. If we buy this word, a word, a portion of the rest of the money. This is our detour."

yes, we have every reason not to buy the name of our business. For example,

Baidu, Google and Yahoo will naturally put the official website of the enterprise on the "own" keyword in the first place;

users in the search since the use of the name of the enterprise or the site’s Web site, is to look for the enterprise, so it will be very natural to enter the enterprise website;

other companies do not have the right and the right to buy other companies’ own ‘key words, so do not worry about the results of the natural search before the emergence of a business advertising.

but on the other hand, we can see that many large companies have bought the name of their own business, and never bored. How to explain this phenomenon? A simple "wealth" is certainly not, can not say the company’s marketing director

is a fool?

actually, although we have sufficient reason not to buy their own business name, but the name of the enterprise to buy really can bring high returns:

companies should be able to attract as much as possible the search for the name of the enterprise. Because these people are admiring, is based on the enterprise reputation and other marketing activities effect. The cost of retaining these "potential customers" is less than 20-100 times the cost of the target group that is searched for by products, uses, etc.. One example is that in a case I’ve done, the cost of converting a customer name into a search engine is less than 1 euros, but the cost of switching to other keywords is about $20.

we have done tests (may not be representative, the reader can ignore this one), in the purchase of enterprise name in the keyword search, enterprise website access increased than before the purchase, from 10 to 30 percentage points ranging. Analysis of the reasons may be due to the increase in search advertising brand exposure and

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