Office of the Chinese nternet Soho platform Top 10

Office of the Chinese nternet Soho platform Top 10

Soho means home office – Small Home Office, Soho Office has become one of the representative work of today’s era. With the development of the Internet, a computer, a network cable can do a lot of work in the case of a fixed office location attribute in the work has become increasingly weak, this "free Soho" work has also ushered in the era of great development of their.

in Chinese, the power of the Internet has spawned at least millions of Soho, many Internet companies have created a convenient Soho family living platform, which not only affects the Internet platform, and deeply influenced the development of economy China. These platforms may also herald the future of human work – with the gathering power of the Internet, the establishment of a variety of virtual work platform, so that people no longer need a fixed office location. Let I dark horse for you to take a look at it, the Chinese Internet may change the world’s top 10 Soho survival platform.


1 Taobao


List the reasons:

Ma founded Taobao in the beginning, he vowed that Taobao will solve Chinese massive employment problem, now it seems that he is really a strategic vision. At present, Taobao has solved the problem of employment China directly around 3 million, although some Taobao stores belonging to the company, but Taobao businesses in the majority of Soho owners, they run their own small business at home, and doing well the individual shop, every month can get a million profit.

but with the electricity supplier market saturation, and the Taobao C2C shop in a "complete information transparency", "basic commodities" perfectly competitive market situation, the fierce competition and the media exposed as can be imagined, several Taobao owner death from overwork, no doubt also directly confirmed now Taobao C2C environment the difficult. Coupled with the development of the Jingdong and now Tmall and other large B2C electricity supplier, want to rely on Taobao C2C at home easy Soho era has gone for ever, now to do Taobao C2C, you need good planning and channels, even also need good luck, and this is not the general family can bear Soho the.

product form: electricity supplier C2C

: * * * * survival difficulty

index: * * *


2 Sina micro-blog


list of reasons: according to rumors, left hand account value of 3 million, according to rumors, they just turn a grassroots large micro-blog will be able to get over a million of income, in fact as long as you know a little of the micro-blog marketing, will know that a lot of "River"

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