2015 do not promote micro business, but also to make money

2015 do not promote micro business, but also to make money

micro marketing, it is an adjective or adjective! Such a group of people, they do not know in what place to listen to some old speaking marketing idea, and then began a variety of tall, all kinds of marketing strategies, what red powder, what copy forwarded powder! I remember before, there was a man he is it said: "we do micro marketing, to let others come with us, so that fans will be accurate, in fact, this sentence in the idea of a little right, but the concept to concept


what do you take to get someone to take you on?

is a very simple truth, now what you are not, listen to these useful? I don’t know the exact active with others? Who knows, the key is not to let others add ah! How about that? Or the causes of the problem, such as in the root, the


do not know if you have not seen inside the space often see some talk about them, is this: "a mobile phone, a WeChat, pregnant mother at home business, a monthly income of over 10000, I have a friend, she is also doing micro business, his signature is written, and then I asked her:

I said you teach others the monthly income of over 10000, so cow B, you also follow us to learn the network marketing you guess why? What did she say? Let me tell you, she said: "it is the flicker novice, give them any class, just say, for the material, and then advertising! Some people to buy, sell, no one bought, watching!" is such a thing, if she had not told me, I don’t know how much behind this flicker, my people do not love the tall things, this is what put others out to shake out, will not be KO.


that micro marketing in the end how to play it?

actually, I don’t know, so I can’t tell you on something tall, it has a particularly ironic words, I have a friend, he made a micro business friend said to him: "you don’t go to send advertising, not to bomb the circle of friends, so no" you mean! Guess what his friends say? Very direct words, his friend said: "I do not send advertising, then I send what?" it is ironic, in a word, if you don’t ask others to send advertising, not to the

bombing, yes!

but, back to the roots, he didn’t advertise. What did he do?

in fact, think carefully! You do micro business, you certainly don’t want every day to send advertising, do not want to be blocked to friends, friends certainly do not want to own bestie since King no early morning for you! But we do micro business, we want to sell things, we are going to showcase their products do not send it, how do people know, the others will shield, is really a very contradictory thing, it is because of this, now a lot of micro business friends do not good, not bad, but there was no one


OK, this is an eternal problem! If we can solve, derivative time will not be so tired, that in the end, what should I do?


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