The company not only wants to eliminate the paper business card but also wants to break into the nai

The company not only wants to eliminate the paper business card but also wants to break into the nai

business card Almighty Wang hopes to transform from a tool App into enterprise data service providers.


source: Vision China

48 year old Balele Edward is a census coordinator in Tanzania, located in northern Tanzania Manyara region. One of the main tasks of the census is to delineate the boundaries of the village, and to send the information to the capital’s census headquarters in order to draw the final map of the village’s borders, Edward.

because of the backwardness of information technology in Tanzania, will be returned to the headquarters of the headquarters of the Edward. Local villagers told Edward there are Tanzania local network Airtel, he finally found his mobile phone with Samsung scanning Almighty king, to find a stable signal place, successfully captured pictures in the form of PDF came back.

this is a true case of scanning the Almighty king.

Edward finally wrote a feedback message, thanks to scan the Almighty king to bring convenience to his work. In fact, the United States is located in the scanning of the information technology company, which has 40% of overseas users, Tanzania’s Edward is one of them.

from the beginning of 2014, the United Nations began to focus on the domestic information. At that time, the market share of foreign users accounted for 60%, the country’s 40%, but the team is increasingly optimistic about the Chinese market.

combined with the information of another well-known products called "almighty card", after taking pictures can automatically optimize the image, identify the contents of the business card, and all the information in the business card synchronization in the address book. This product is often a business card storage needs of the people is the gospel.

"a photo of 5M, name card by Almighty King compression only 50K, name card" King Almighty co-founder Chen SA in an interview with reporters on the news that the interface behind the product technology, whether it is "King Almighty Almighty King name card or a scan, OCR identification technology used at the bottom are the same."

OCR technology is accurate to what extent? In storage before the Almighty king will automatically cut the name card images, remove the clutter background, improve the image brightness, the character recognition rate can reach 99%, the reaction speed in seconds. Behind all this is the core technology as the support, in the entire 200 person company, R & D personnel accounted for more than 70%, nearly 20 doctors take artificial intelligence and OCR related basic core technology research.

Whether it is

or name card management, document scanning, data storage, security and stability of the server is also put forward higher requirements, and the information has more than 1 thousand servers, in order to ensure the information security products all adopt the identification storage, while the use of the cloud storage service cloud. >

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