Viral marketing is not relying on the user experience is the first step in marketing

Viral marketing is not relying on the user experience is the first step in marketing

viral marketing does not represent the real "virus", in the opinion of the webmaster friends, viral marketing should be a kind of rely on marketing, let more users feel to the website for users of the benefits, now the rebate network is back now to keep the user’s footsteps by users, and viral marketing is to achieve this effect. To allow more users to keep pace. The following details about how the site can start viral marketing more reasonable.

virus marketing the first step: the value of the user to keep pace with

why A5 forum is so hot, because the value of. But we do want to get a website search engine and user support to continue to establish the value of the website, news website is the value of the user needs the news, such as the recent Sichuan Neijiang side of the earthquake, many people will visit Neijiang news network news search, if your site is not the message, ask next time you encounter a similar situation will enter your site? The same way, no matter what type of website, we do stand what purpose is, what is our profit targets, which are relying on the above value, if not what to profit? So no matter what the website first step of viral marketing is to have to keep the user’s value, and this value is often related to substance and website, profit target.

virus marketing second steps: a comprehensive analysis of user needs

After the

users to tap into the value, as a webmaster should also think about what users need next? As we were in the A5 forum website may involve exchange website transactions, trading links, and A5 and the development of the forum website and link trading area, with these after our transaction security and how it can be guaranteed, then there are man-made secured transactions, and artificially secured transactions by some criminals impact, now A5 has launched a security transaction in the forum, which is to further enhance the user needs to bring the site continues to expand. So we do not need to expand the operation of other sites,


here I will tell all the webmaster friends, we retain the user is only the first step, let the user for the website most willing to contribute is really won the owners need to value, so webmaster must be a full range of tracking users, and the best way is to let oneself become a user, the user the tracking website can understand what is missing, what is missing is what, only by this means can let users needs continue to be met, so as to improve the site more brand value.

virus marketing third steps: summary, analysis, and then improve

is not to say that we should abandon the user after obtaining a benefit idea, the correct approach is to meet the demand in the webmaster should own the doings are summarized, such as my current operation >

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