The magic website porn is not all of me – dancing on the edge of the law FC2

The magic website porn is not all of me – dancing on the edge of the law FC2



] the one of the world’s largest pornographic website on the "honor" but FC2 is put on by the user serendipitously a hat, the living fossils from its inception in 1999 has been more than 15 years history of the Internet, more than you imagine too profound to be understood.

a fantastic website

in Japan, there is such a group of people, they only need to collect or purchase the new erotic film, upload to a website called FC2 and set permissions to other users through paid click can be expensive into interest.

in Japan there is such a group of people, the night is approaching, they go to the day in the world of hidden identity, open computer login FC2, opposite already countless Indoorsman ready three hundred pumping toilet sit, so they put on professional uniforms, the sultry show begins.


is also working in the porn industry, but with the Dongguan daily that hard work, but also to the customer about the tragic story finally ended up with the fate of the opposite chained and thrown into prison, every click click the mouse in front of the camera, twisting the lower body, can get a surge in site specific points, and then sit and watch the bank card numbers soared.

immersed in FC2 users in addition to pay high fees, in order to pursue more great content, they want to account recharge by Pt to save the tip points Master piece unit in contribution to the anchor goddess or have the new resources, it has formed a black chain.

and vested interests on this industry chain, the Japanese government completely take them no way.


walk on the edge of the law

is not because they have gods.

, founded in 1999, is one of the world’s largest adult websites, with FC2 based business in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Japan in 2012 has changed the business of civil law, is provided for as long as the company can sue and disclose all information on the registration of FC2 in 2013, but for the server even originate from the website of the United States, this bill is just a piece of paper, and then the FC2 cleverly avoided the law binding. In addition to the individual is too arrogant IQ short board Langyou arrest by the government, the majority of the people and operating profit from behind all this are unpunished.

After entering

in twenty-first Century, the people of the world are able to meet the basic needs of food, and as the saying goes that "full" is thought of her, and the emergence of the Internet will also be a human "

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