Our second impact listed disassociate themselves with the group purchase

Our second impact listed disassociate themselves with the group purchase

this is the second time Wo Wo Group submitted the prospectus. The 2011, because takes the trust crisis and business model, Wowo missed the final listing.

second shocks listed, compared with the first question, the outside reaction is mostly cold. On the one hand, the market has been in the group purchase fundamental changes have happened three or four years ago, the U.S. group, public comment and Baidu Nuomi firmly secured the top three, and firmly in control of more than 90% market share. Ranked fourth and fifth of the litters and handle, already unable to change the group purchase market. Secondly, the financial data released by the litters, compared to a year ago also fell.

the only surprise is that litters the impact of IPO, the amount of financing plan for only $40 million. Corresponding with the Wowo "low-key", is a hot market. Just last month, the United States was the first burst of financing $700 million, followed by public comment also broke the news of financing $800 million. As can be seen, there is a platform for the real value of the company is not eager to market is not short of money.

but Wowo does not seem to this situation, the first to submit the prospectus, determined to do the field of life services O2O first.

The relationship between


from the group purchase

is different from that of three years ago, now Wowo called "Wo Wo Group", but "Wowo mall".

in the prospectus, Wowo mall positioning itself as a "local life service e-commerce platform, e-commerce platform is the localization of entertainment and life service businesses to provide customized services, the main business of local life service businesses in the open network platform on Wowo stores, direct sales of its products or services to consumers. At present, three core products: Wowo mall and mobile client, the electricity supplier operating system "EMS Wowo wowo".

in the prospectus, Wowo mall wrote: when we started in March 2010 is a group purchase website, but we soon found that this group purchase mode can not meet the business needs. We believe that this model can not improve the brand awareness of businesses, businesses can not create loyal customers……. So in 2012 June, we completed the formation of Wowo mall ". Wowo mall help businesses to open online stores in the platform directly sale, and provide customized product solutions and operational support for businesses.

reflection on the Wowo group purchase mode has its reasonable place. But the reality is that in the U.S. group, public comment and Baidu Nuomi three has accounted for 90% of the group purchase share, Wo Wo Group is currently in the market share of only single digit group purchase.

to store mode, it is upset on wowo. From service users to service businesses, the most direct change is to give autonomy to the merchant, discount discount merchants say, want to develop independent APP platform to provide technical support.

bluntly, Wowo has been unable to compete in the field of group purchase, and how to.

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