Ma Xia Hui officially joined as editor in chief whip Niu Shi

Ma Xia Hui officially joined as editor in chief whip Niu Shi

            October 31st Internet media veteran Mr. Ma Xia Hui has officially joined the whip Niu Shi community network editor, as editor, responsible for the content and operation of products.

before joining the horse whip Niu Shi, Xia Hui in TOM, 265 NetEase, and other famous sites in the media and the market, the value of net news has a wealth of practical experience and moral judgment. He also had a long time personal experience, has a wide range of resources in the IT industry and the webmaster circle, well versed in site operation and development of the road.

map editor: Ma Xia Hui

whip Niu Shi

              ( is the whip Niu Shi focus on network editor professional website, as of the end of October 2008, already has 30 thousand registered users, of which the vast majority of the real name authentication network editor practitioners, insist on independent and impartial website and the principle of public office station the website has become one of the most popular and influential in the field of.

              joined whip Niu Shi, Ma Xia Hui said, whip Niu Shi independent and just and public office station principle is the biggest attraction for. "Many years of Internet media experience make me believe, as long as adhere to the correct ideas do stand, is destined to become the field of Internet whip Niu Shi is a beautiful scenery line. I am honored to be able to join."

invited Mr. Ma Xia Hui joined the whip Niu Shi adviser Li Boming and Dong Jiangyong said: "we are very pleased to be joining Mr. Ma Xia Hui, as a long-term friend and partner, Mr. Ma Xia Hui industry keen insight, excellent execution ability and honesty will help whip Niu Shi on the basis of the current more on the first floor!"

according to the relevant departments of the state statistics, more than 3 million employees across the country network editor, with the further popularization of Internet application Chinese, network editor is no longer limited production in the field of the original information reproduced and special, but further to the product planning, web page making, multiple aspects of user experience, site operations, promotion and cooperation etc. urgent, whip Niu Shi such professional web site provides communication and service platform.

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