The Trojan virus gang behind the interests of the chain selling sales network

The Trojan virus gang behind the interests of the chain selling sales network

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involves 16 provinces, involving up to about 30000000 yuan, recently in Jiangsu Xuzhou was the country’s largest selling "Trojan horse virus case has aroused widespread concern in society.

Trojan horse virus how to produce? And how to use the "Gang Trojan horse virus profit? Reporter survey found that behind the" Trojan horse virus gangs have a chain of hidden interests of the chain and the underground black market information.

producer, distributor, agent, selling "Trojan horse" to form a sales network of

according to investigators revealed that selling "gentle Trojan" series of virus of the Ministry of public security supervision, involving a total of 16 provinces and cities nationwide, involved up to hundreds of people, involving about 30000000 yuan.

in mid December trial, 11 people including the "gentle" series of "Trojan horse" producer, general agent, intrusion into computer information systems program crime "because of" and "the crime of illegal access to computer information system data, were court sentenced to three years imprisonment or criminal detention probation, fined a total of more than 83 yuan.

The people’s court in Gulou District of Jiangsu city of Xuzhou province

responsible for the case investigation, June 2007 to August 2008, the defendant Lv Yizhong, Ceng Yifu has written for the balance of the 40 network game "Trojan horse" program. Since February 2008, the defendant Yan Renhai accepted Ceng Yifu commissioned the series of "Trojan horse" program to his girlfriend Heidi Chen net named "gentle" and sales agent.

Lu Yizhong since then, the "Trojan horse" to modify the program after subcontracted to a different agent Zhang Fan, Zhang Jinhuang et al. Thus, gradually formed by Yan Renhai and Chen Huiting as the general agent, Zhang Fan, Zhang Jinhuang and other dozens of sub agent sales network.

to before the incident, Lv Yizhong and others selling "gentle" series of "Trojan horse" program of 28 models, steal game account, password more than 5 million 300 thousand groups. Defendant Lv Yizhong, two people together to profit more than 64.5 yuan, a total profit of $310 thousand, a total of $, Chen Huiting, Yan Renhai.

cyber criminals have the characteristics of knowledge and youth. The sentencing of the 11 involved in the case, the 8 is a college education, the second is born after 1980, the youngest is only 22 years old.

"Trojan horse" may be very simple, but it can be very serious consequences of theft of information

is known as the "Trojan horse" computer virus is actually a computer program. Attackers use computer systems and software vulnerabilities, install Trojan on the victim’s computer secretly run, and through the supporting control procedures, remote control of toxic computer.

anti virus engineer Tang Wei introduction, at present the most popular and most widely used is the web page, users click "hang a horse" containing "Trojan horse" "when the computer will be infected with the virus. And pornography, gambling, outside the network

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