How to do a new search source creation

How to do a new search source creation

what is a search source?

if I write an article, I mentioned in the article, I said the famous teacher XXX, this is my first teacher, see this article friends, will take the initiative to search engine to search, this article is to create the name XXX search source.

to create a search source, usually with soft Wen to use, the purpose is to flow through the soft text to lure you to search these keywords, so as to achieve our advertising effect.

1, Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO,… Etc.

we are in search of some key words, found inside the Baidu know keywords can always row in the search engine’s top keyword search volume high, for example we want to search Li Yuchun like this, found that the top there is a relationship with Li Yuchun Baidu inside for, when we use search some drugs or some drug name, found that Baidu know or top.

we want to run fast, on the one hand, we run fast, on the other hand, that is we are riding a horse runs faster than us, in the search engine, Baidu knows, is a horse.

for example, we want to use the words "creative", if I rely on SEO, could be difficult, because I don’t know SEO, so that it is difficult for me to bring me through the word search engine traffic.

if I know in Baidu on writing an article, my question is "who knows the most outstanding creative station?", I then used an account to answer, I said "the outstanding creative station, might be a pig house." my station called pig Wo house, and in the network is the only name, so when you search the four words in the search engine, I ranked first, the way we search for creative — Baidu know – pig house, which is also my station, I like this is reasonable with the search engine although, I do not know SEO, but I like the flow of keywords in the search engine.

so there is one point to note, that the search for the source, which is what we want to launch the key must have a characteristic, that is the only search, or is ranked first, such as search laggards, outdated ranked first, as do the laggards, this time, the search source you can use the name of the laggards.

2, soft wen.

soft Wen is the soft article, is the kind of advertising that is hard, that is, the hard to come on the scalp, soft Wen is more implicit expression of his advertising.

soft Wen advertising forms of advertising there are three.

the first kind, is in the soft add Web site, this kind of soft text is difficult to promote open, because >

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