Taobao Tmall double eleven transaction volume increased by 19 billion 100 million year on year of 26

Taobao Tmall double eleven transaction volume increased by 19 billion 100 million year on year of 26

November 12th morning news, Alibaba group has just announced its double eleven promotion Alipay total sales 19 billion 100 million, an increase of 260%, of which Tmall 13 billion 200 million, Taobao 5 billion 900 million.

last year, Tmall and Taobao’s dual eleven transactions amounted to $5 billion 300 million, of which Tmall, Taobao, 1 billion 940 million. Tmall’s performance this year, an increase of 292%, while Taobao was $204%. "Double eleven" all day long, Alipay number of transactions over 100 million pen, the peak of transactions amounted to 205 thousand pens per minute. The same held in the double eleven promotion Jingdong mall and there is no disclosure of relevant data.

, according to Tmall data, this year to participate in a number of ten businesses reached 1, is 5 times last year. The feedback from the participating businesses and electricity supplier generation operators, according to last year’s double eleven common stock, delivery delay and other issues, most of the seller in advance stocking, double arrange customer service, warehousing and logistics personnel. For example, the amount of stock of liquor electricity supplier brewmaster network this year is 10 times last year.

yesterday morning 0 minutes after the first minute, more than 10 million independent users into Tmall. 10 minutes later, Alipay turnover of 250 million. 37 minutes later, the figure crossed the 1 billion line. Within an hour, Alipay to complete the payment items 5 million 980 thousand pen, an increase of 254.7% last year. Yesterday morning around 11, Tmall turnover exceeded 7 billion 900 million, more than last year, the United States, online shopping on Monday, $1 billion 250 million. Two hours later, trading volume exceeded 10 billion, ahead of the completion of Tmall’s official target.

and micro-blog users on the basis of feedback, due to the flow is too large, Tmall’s product page, payment pages are unstable problems appear. Many users can not respond to a single payment or failure. In addition, there are problems of online banking system with China Merchants Bank, Bank of the user response. There are people in the industry to double eleven promotion model questioned. Yi Kai capital CEO ran Wang believes that the double eleven in the original sales curve can be artificially arched out of a wave, may not really bring much actual increment. In addition, to further strengthen the "double eleven" single dimension Chinese consumer price only from bad habits, with China e-commerce company collective away from healthy margin.

addition, starting today will enter the double eleven after the peak shipping. Although the "four up", SF and EMS has to deal with the "double eleven" had an enrollment of 65 thousand couriers and more goods vehicles, but subsequent links real remains to be seen whether smoothly.

Tmall eleven Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma is seen as the future of the Chinese version of thanksgiving. As Tmall’s push since 2009 to promote the brand, double eleven has become an industry collective behavior and business phenomenon. This year eleven, Jingdong, mall, and one store platform in advance or at the same time to promotion, in order to win a share in this wave of rush in. Two weeks >

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