Why did Ling Zhijun PK takes

Why did Ling Zhijun PK takes

        online stroll, to see an article is "queer", is about how Ling Zhijun takes the criticism. This book I have read, there was a doubt, in the nearly 50 words in the book, Ling Zhijun wrote in Zhongguancun from 1980 to 2006 a total of 27 years of history, numerous characters mentioned, and publicly criticized, indeed there is only one Fang Xingdong, I do not know what some here? This article is very interesting, specifically put forward this content, and give their own explanation. In my opinion, these explanations have too much to play, not necessarily all of Ling Zhijun’s original intention, but the problem is very sharp to put forward, that is, how to look at the history, reality and future of Zhongguancun? In this regard, the difference between the two is obvious. And some debate on this, perhaps some of the conclusions of the history of Zhongguancun help.         Ling Zhijun PK Fang Xingdong

he said in "new revolution" in China, Fang Xingdong has so far not everything from success, but from the taunt, cursed the success. This is clearly said that Fang Xingdong’s mind is their own happiness based on the suffering of others.

as when Fang Xingdong announced that "Zhongguancun has been unable to lead the China high-tech trend", Ling Zhijun.

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